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Building a Trusted IoT Ecosystem with BiiLabs

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近年來,物聯網(IoT)產業正以驚人的速度成長中,相關的應用與服務也陸續問市,而包含物聯網(IoT)、人工智慧(AI)與機器學習(machine learning)等科技的革新,致使從新創企業乃至傳統產業皆投入這一波新科技的發展,更添產業動能,尤其是在製造業、運輸及物流、公共安全、智慧城市等幾大面向。

據消費及商業企業服務供應商JT Group白皮書預估,到2020年全球物聯網累計裝置量(installed base)將達204.1億台。更多企業也將改變其商業模式,由產品導向轉為服務導向,客戶機構採購的不再只是硬體產品,而是尋求整套完整的解決方案。AWS 即將於3/7 (四) 舉辦『AWS AIoT未來智造高峰論壇』,持續以創新、全球視野帶領您與您的企業一起探索物聯網價值最大化的關鍵。

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Building a Trusted IoT Ecosystem with BiiLabs

  1. 1. Building a Trusted IoT Ecosystem with BiiLabs Lman Chu 朱宜振 CEO BiiLabs
  2. 2. Some Facts you need to know Every Thing will go online, no matter you like or not The IoT is not really safe & trusted like you imagine The most important is still the Data You need to know how to secure the Data Integrity & Security Then you need to learn how to leverage DLT x IoT
  3. 3. The moment of truth Tech V.S Strategy LifeCycle/Context IoT Protocol It’s time to adopt new standard for IoET era AWS and other clouds
  4. 4. Forces Impacting Security
 Challenges in implementing, maintaining, and protecting products and processes INDUSTRIALIZATION of Hacking Thousands of security related products from hundreds of vendors FRAGMENTATION of Security Offerings Criminal sophistication 
 and evolving intent to get to your data EXPANSION of Attack Surface Billions of connected devices and the move to the cloud 011101011 000011101101 011001 110101010
  5. 5. Components Available " TangleID / DID ● Tangle-Accelerator ● Trusted Execution Environments ● HAProxy & Visualization ● Ethereum Virtual Machine integration ● full node performance and storage optimizations ● Data Marketplace based on Ethereum and IOTA with cross-chain smart contract
  6. 6. DLT Blockchain Documents Full Nodes Walets Security 6 hours training Sentinel Alfred API services Core technologies your value
  7. 7. Why you should go with BiiLabs Less than NTD 360K /yr More than NTD 3,225K /yr3 Man * $$$ * 3 Months (1Man*$$$+ Full node)* 12 Months Subscribe from BiiLabs Alfred
  8. 8. IoT meets DLT Tangle AcceleratorCustomize API Sensor Device Tangle Network Data Source Sending Data(Write) Relying Party Self-Managed Node Public Node Query Data(Read) Synchronize Sending Data(Write)
  9. 9. Application Story: DLT for Environment
  10. 10. Application Story: UBI for Vehicle
  11. 11. DID for next generation Members BiiMe Property Contracts Financial Transaction Identity in Government Accounts & Password Personal Property Token exchange Certificates Healthcare RecordBehavior data Manage all your digital assets on TangleID* 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 08.00
  12. 12. To the coming future 電動車時時充電與交換的時代,還能用哩程計價嗎? 一旦能源交換的生態形成,那量大且小額的能源交換與計價模式就會出現與成形。
  13. 13. Thank you.