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Focus on your app with Amazon RDS

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Using Amazon RDS to boost productivity, performance and data protection, leaving you more time to build your app.

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Focus on your app with Amazon RDS

  1. 1. Focus on your Appwith Amazon RDSDr. Matt
  2. 2. Thank you.
  3. 3. Focus on your App with Amazon RDS
  4. 4. Focus on your App with Amazon RDS
  5. 5. Application tier
  6. 6. Application tier
  7. 7. Load balancerApplication tier
  8. 8. Load balancer4 Application tier
  9. 9. Load balancer4 Application tier
  10. 10. Load balancer4 Application tier Database tier
  11. 11. Load balancerApplication tierDatabase tier
  12. 12. Migration Schema design Backup and recovery Patching Query constructionConfiguration Software upgradesFrequent server upgrades Storage changes Replacing failures Query optimization
  13. 13. Migration Schema design Backup and recovery Patching Query constructionConfiguration Software upgradesFrequent server upgrades Storage changes Replacing failures Query optimization
  14. 14. Security planning License training Backup, recovery load and unload Script automation 5% 20% 5% 5% Performance 25% Installation, upgrade, 40% and tuning patching, migrationSource: Forrester
  15. 15. GUndifferentiated heavy lifting
  16. 16. “Help me focus on my applications”
  17. 17. Amazon RDS Relational Database Service
  18. 18. Amazon RDS Relational Database Service Quick introduction
  19. 19. i Introducing Amazon RDS Amazon RDS is a fully managed relational database service. Simple to deploy Easy to scale Reliable Cost effective
  20. 20. i Introducing Amazon RDS Choice of database engines MySQL Oracle Microsoft SQL Server
  21. 21. i Introducing Amazon RDS Data snapshots Automatic Point in time recovery Faster time to recover
  22. 22. i Introducing Amazon RDS Getting started Via the AWS Management console Command line tools SDKs and API calls
  23. 23. Three ways to remove the “muck”
  24. 24. lProductivity
  25. 25. lProductivity TPerformance
  26. 26. l Productivity T Performance 8Data Protection
  27. 27. l Productivity RDS is optimized for productivity: most admin tasks only take a few clicks. Faster time to delivery Up and running in minutes Free up time for adding business value Resource cost efficiencies
  28. 28. l Productivity 75% of the common admin tasks are managed by RDS Provisioning Database backups Patching Performance management
  29. 29. l Productivity Virtually all common MySQL database features are still available
  30. 30. l Productivity Multiple databases per instance Standard user accounts Connect and query using common MySQL tools & drivers Tune engine parameters Import export data using standard MySQL tools (mysqldump) Diagnostics Native MySQL replication SSL for encryption over the wire Monitor metrics Shell, super user or direct file system access
  31. 31. l Productivity Painless patching Control maintenance window times Automatic upgrades for minor versions of MySQL Major upgrades need to be initiated
  32. 32. l Productivity CloudWatch Monitoring Included on all RDS databases Binary log usage, CPU, connections, memory, network IOPS, latency and throughput for reads and writes
  33. 33. l Productivity Metric alarms Set custom alarms on all metrics Send email, trigger programmatic response Example: CPU utilization over 90% for 10 minutes
  34. 34. l Productivity One click. High availability. Automated deployment across multiple AZs Master and standby are kept in sync Zero admin overhead
  35. 35. l Productivity Automatic fail-over Instance or AZ failure triggers fail-over to standby Updates are intact with synchronous writes Standby promoted to master. New standby. Additional data durability relative to single AZ deployment
  36. 36. l Productivity Test fail-over Trigger fail over Test application response Programmatic
  37. 37. l Productivity Update durability Initiated updates occur across availability zones Standby is updated and promoted to master Original master is updated
  38. 38. l Productivity Zero admin: High availability Automatic failover Durable updates One click
  39. 39. l Productivity On demand test databases Restore snapshot Restore to point in time Repeatable test environments Unit, integration and smoke testing
  40. 40. M Case study Intuit Live Community Faster release cycles for more agility Millions of users, seasonal peaks Run on EC2, RDS and CloudFormation. Multi-AZ. Hands free recovery with Amazon RDS Moved from monthly to weekly releases
  41. 41. lProductivity
  42. 42. lProductivity TPerformance
  43. 43. T Performance Scalable database storage 5Gb to 1Tb of attached storage Scale on demand Scale incrementally, but only as much as you need
  44. 44. T Performance Storage is striped Data striped across multiple volumes Higher allocated storage stripes across more volumes Higher throughput with larger instance types
  45. 45. T Performance Vertical resource scaling Add additional compute capacity Increase IO with larger instances Add memory and CPU
  46. 46. T Performance Read Replicas Scale beyond capacity constraints of a single instance Asynchronous replication to replicas Perfect for read-heavy loads and reporting
  47. 47. T Performance Amazon ElastiCache In-memory cache service Ideal front end to RDS for read-heavy applications Low latency
  48. 48. T Performance Replicas vs Caches Caches are good for low latency access over a limited dataset Replicas provide relatively less performance over a substantially larger dataset
  49. 49. M Case study Flipboard 6 months to deploy a real time, social magazine 5 million users, 2 billion page flips per month Run on EC2, RDS and ElastiCache. Multi-AZ. Better response time (milliseconds) and uptime Complex queries on use and relevance data
  50. 50. M Case study Gumi Outgrew existing IT environment Elasticity to respond to peaks; reduce costs. Run on EC2, RDS. 10 million visitors a day Reduced time to market through accelerated development
  51. 51. lProductivity TPerformance
  52. 52. l Productivity T Performance 8Data Protection
  53. 53. 8 Data Protection Automatic snapshots Daily database backups Transaction log backups every 5 minutes Everything up to final 5 minutes can be recovered
  54. 54. 8 Data Protection Automated backups Automated point-in-time backups 1 day retention (extendable to 35 days) On by default. No additional charge.
  55. 55. 8 Data Protection DB Security groups DB instances are isolated by default Control access by source IP address or EC2 security group Specify IP range: discouraged!
  56. 56. 8 Data Protection Use a crash recoverable database engine Use InnoDB (the default!) Optimized for crash recovery and data durability MyISAM can result in lost or corrupt data on restore InnoDB for point in time and snapshot restoration
  57. 57. 8 Data Protection Avoid in-memory or temporary tables Not flushed to disk Point in time recovery plays back operations Operations need to be on committed to disk
  58. 58. 8 Data Protection RDS in the Virtual Private Cloud Virtual network, bring your own IP addresses Complete virtual network control: public, private subnets Includes Multi-AZ (for MySQL and Oracle)
  59. 59. 8 Data Protection Encryption via SSL RDS generates SSL certificates for each DB instance Encryption of data between client and DB instance
  60. 60. M Case study Samsung Smarthub Needed to reduce IT costs and increase flexibility AWS and Amazon RDS authenticate every request Delivers apps, content and push notifications Saved 34M in hardware and maintenance expenses 85% less than running on-premise
  61. 61. l Productivity T Performance 8Data Protection
  62. 62. l Productivity T Performance 8 Data ProtectionBonus s Price optimization
  63. 63. s Price optimization Reserved instances One time, up front payment Reserve capacity for your DB instance Discounted hourly rate Low, medium and high utilization rates
  64. 64. Focus on your App with Amazon RDS
  65. 65. Focus on your App with Amazon RDS
  66. 66. Instance scaling Multi-AZ PerformanceFocus on your App with Amazon RDS Backups DR Storage scaling
  67. 67. Instance scaling Faster updates Multi-AZ New features PerformanceFocus on your App with Amazon RDS Backups Happy customers : ) DR Storage scaling
  68. 68. hFocus on your App with Amazon RDS
  69. 69. f 60 day free
  70. 70. B Thursday 18th OctoberOracle Database Management made easy with Amazon RDS
  71. 71. Thank @mza