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Hands on Lab: Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server in AWS - July 2017 AWS Online Tech Talks

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Learning Objectives:
- Create an Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) SQL Server instance
- Connect to the RDS instance using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
- Import data into the database

Organizations are quickly moving database workloads like SQL Server to the cloud, but with so many options, the best approach isn’t always obvious. You exercise full control of your SQL Server workloads by running them on Amazon EC2 instances, or leverage Amazon RDS for a fully managed database experience. This session will cover best practices for running SQL Server on AWS. We will discuss how to choose between Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS. The lab portion of this workshop will lead you through the steps to launch and configure your first Microsoft SQL Server instance on Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and connect it to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

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Hands on Lab: Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server in AWS - July 2017 AWS Online Tech Talks

  1. 1. 1. Intro to SQL Server Watch a short presentation on SQL Server on Amazon RDS and EC2 15 minutes 2. Watch a demo of the lab Watch as our presenter walks you through the steps, tips, and tricks for completing the lab. 25 minutes 3. Do the lab on your own After the demo you will be emailed the link to launch the lab on your own. About Today’s Webinar
  2. 2. © 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Vlad Vlasceanu, Solutions Architect May 31, 2017 Webinar and Hands-On Lab: Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server in AWS
  3. 3. AWS Options for SQL Server
  4. 4. Choosing the Right Option for Your Workload EC2 RDS Administer using native tools (SSMS)   Database source or target for SSRS, SSIS, SSAS   Data security (encryption at rest & in transit)   Windows and SQL Server authentication   Full control over the instance  Managed automated backups and point-in-time restore  High Availability Self-managed AlwaysOn AWS-managed Multi-AZ
  5. 5. SQL Server on Amazon EC2  Support for legacy versions  Full control over the instance (OS, software stack)  Support for dedicated hosts  Support for instance storage (direct-attached drives)  Manage your own backups, maintenance, patching  Multi-data center high availability
  6. 6. Multi-AZ AlwaysOn Availability Group Availability Zone 1 Private Subnet EC2 Primary Replica Availability Zone 2 Private Subnet EC2 Secondary Replica AWS Region Synchronous Commit Automatic Failover
  7. 7. Multi-Region AlwaysOn Availability Group Availability Zone 1 EC2 Primary Replica AWS Region A Availability Zone 2 EC2 Secondary Replica Availability Zone 1 EC2 Secondary Replica AWS Region B Elastic IP VPN Elastic IP Synchronous Commit Automatic Failover Asynchronous Commit Manual Failover
  8. 8. Disaster Recovery for SQL Server in EC2 • Option 1: hot standby for lower Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective • Run live in another region • Async Commit transactions (if using SQL Server AlwaysOn) • Option 2: just-in-time DR deployment • Deploy new farm from AWS CloudFormation • Restore data from backups in Amazon S3
  9. 9. Architect SQL Server to Save Money • Is your secondary SQL Server instance completely “passive” (not a Read Replica or backup source)? • With License Mobility, you don’t need a license in the passive SQL Server instance
  10. 10. Amazon RDS for SQL Server  Managed service  Simple Multi-AZ deployment for high availability  Supports mixed-mode authentication  Encrypted storage regardless of edition; TDE supported  Native backup and restore for using full backup files (.bak files) integrated with S3  Up to 30 databases per instance
  11. 11. BYOL SQL Server in Amazon RDS • Submit a License Mobility form to Microsoft for verification of your licenses • Microsoft will verify it to you and to AWS • You may deploy your application up to ten days before submitting the form • RDS License Model: choose BYOL instead of License Included
  12. 12. Hands-On Lab: Amazon RDS for SQL Server Launch RDS instance2 Download and create AdventureWorks on EC23 4 Export from EC2 to RDS EC2 SQL Workstation rdstest qlcreated-rds Start Lab: pre-created environment 1 EC2 RDS Hostname: WIN-xxx qlcreated-rds Database: AdventureWorks Sample Authentication: Windows SQL