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Hands on Lab: Windows Workloads - AWS Online Tech Talks

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Learning Objectives:
- Securing network access to Amazon EC2 Instances with Security Groups
- Launch and configure a Windows virtual machine
- Bootstrapping using Powershell
- Creating Key Pairs for authentication

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Hands on Lab: Windows Workloads - AWS Online Tech Talks

  1. 1. 15 minute Introduction 25 minute Demo 45-60 minute Self-paced lab Hands on Lab Schedule
  2. 2. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for Microsoft Windows Server Lou De La Torre Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
  3. 3. Traditional Computing Challenges • Heavy Up Front Expense • Poor Utilization • Slow • Costly
  4. 4. Why are people flocking to the cloud? Capex to variable expense Lower variable expense than on-premise Elasticity Better use of scarce resources Agility Go global quickly
  5. 5. TECHNICAL & BUSINESS SUPPORT Account Management Support Professional Services Solutions Architects Training & Certification Security & Pricing Reports Partner Ecosystem AWS MARKETPLACE Backup Big Data & HPC Business Apps Databases Development Industry Solutions Security MANAGEMENT TOOLS Queuing Notifications Search Orchestration Email ENTERPRISE APPS Virtual Desktops Storage Gateway Sharing & Collaboration Email & Calendaring Directories HYBRID CLOUD MANAGEMENT Backups Deployment Direct Connect Identity Federation Integrated Management SECURITY & MANAGEMENT Virtual Private Networks Identity & Access Encryption Keys Configuration Monitoring Dedicated INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES Regions Availability Zones Compute Storage Objects, Blocks, Files Databases SQL, NoSQL, Caching CDNNetworking PLATFORM SERVICES APP Mobile & Web Front-end Functions Identity Data Store Real-time DEVELOPMENT Containers Source Code Build Tools Deployment DevOps MOBILE Sync Identity Push Notifications Mobile Analytics Mobile Backend ANALYTICS Data Warehousing Hadoop Streaming Data Pipelines Machine Learning
  6. 6. EC2 for Windows Benefits Secure Extensive High-Performance Cost-Effective Flexible Reliable Familiar
  7. 7. Secure • Security-in-layers approach • Isolate infrastructure and workloads • Identity and access control • Auditing and compliance
  8. 8. Reliable • 99.95% SLA • Multi-AZ synchronous replication • Uptime and performance monitoring • Low network variability
  9. 9. High-Performance • Enterprise-grade computing on-demand • Automation for both complex and routine tasks • Dedicated, low-latency network connections • Automated Scaling • Monitoring tools with user-defined thresholds
  10. 10. Familiar • Windows-based application support • Your own servers • Utilize existing VMs • License as you see fit • Use your existing management tools
  11. 11. Cost-Effective • Trade capital expense for variable expense • Benefit from massive economies of scale • Pay only for what you use • No long-term commitments • Bring your own licenses
  12. 12. Extensive • More than 60 services available • Broad ecosystem of partners • Third-party application marketplace • Continuous service improvement • Technical certifications for multiple skill levels
  13. 13. Flexible • Highly-customizable infrastructure • Variety of instance types • Maintain availability at the lowest cost • Wide variety of storage options
  14. 14. Benefits of Windows Workloads in AWS AWS CloudFormation | Virtual Private Cloud | AWS Direct Connect • SQL Server in Amazon RDS: fully managed service • SQL Server in Amazon EC2: full control • Span multiple AZs for high availability • High-performance options and Provisioned IOPs • Agility: deploy a full farm before lunch! • Scale up and down front-end web servers with Elastic Load Balancer • Easily grow your storage and/or off-load BLOBS • Integrate with Active Directory or AWS Directory Service • Easily expand storage as needed • Span multiple AZs for high availability • Rapid Auto-Scaling, up and down • Bring Your Own License • Runs like it’s in your own datacenter • Multiple options for Active Directory SharePoint Server SQL Server Exchange Server Windows Server
  15. 15. VPC: Subnets and Route Tables • VPC can have Internet Gateway or Virtual Private Gateway • VPC can span two Availability Zones for High Availability Internet
  16. 16. Getting Started Demo