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How a National Transportation Software Provider Migrated a Mission-Critical Test Infrastructure to AWS with Cascadeo PPT

  1. How a National Transportation Software Provider Migrated a Mission-Critical Test Infrastructure to AWS with Cascadeo Vadim Astakhov, Ecosystem Solutions Architect, AWS Elbert Lubas, Senior Program Manager, Major National Transportation Software Provider Jared Reimer, CTO, Cascadeo September 26th, 2017
  2. Vadim Astakhov, Ecosystem Solutions Architect, AWS Windows on EC2
  3. Reduce burden to IT staff Enabling more rapid scalability Lowering costs Why are Microsoft Workloads Moving to the Cloud?
  4. CustomerAdoption 2008 Today WS 2008 & SQL Server 2008 Visual Studio Toolkit MSFT SCOM plug-in release AWS Directory Service EC2 Dedicated Hosts (BYOL) MSFT SharePoint 2016 (Marketplace) WS 2008 R2 SQL Server 2008 R2WS 2003 .NET SDK MSFT SCVMM Plug-in WS 2012 & SQL Server 2012 AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell Amazon RDS adds SQL Server EC2 Run Command EC2 Systems Manager WS & SQL 2016 EC2 Dedicated Instances (BYOL)  41 instance types, 10 instance families  31 different AMIs for Windows workloads  300 different Windows ISV listings in AWS marketplace New! .NET on Lambda New! SAP instance on AWS 2012 Innovation: Windows on AWS
  5. Accelerate Innovation Reduce costs Strengthen security posture Easily manage and scaleImprove uptime and performance Benefits of Running Microsoft Workloads on AWS
  6. Accelerate Innovation  Access to the broadest and deepest set of cloud services  Provision resources on-demand and eliminate lengthy procurement and deployment cycles  Establish a global footprint without the cost or time associated with building new facilities  Integrate emerging technologies like IoT and machine learning with less risk  Focus on delivering customer value instead of time- consuming hardware maintenance
  7. Reduce Costs  Pay only for what you need and replace CapEx with OpEx  Bring your existing Microsoft software licenses  Continue to derive value from existing investments as part of a hybrid architecture  Use Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances to save up to 70% off of the on-demand price  Improve application performance without hardware refresh costs
  8. Strengthen Security Posture  Streamline compliance with more than 50 common regulatory requirements using AWS Assurance Programs  Use AWS Direct Connect and Amazon VPC to establish multi- layered network security  Bring existing Microsoft Active Directory users, groups, and credentials and use with AWS Identity and Access Management  Protect data in-transit and at-rest with 256-bit AES encryption  Leverage leading third-party security solutions available in AWS Marketplace
  9. Improve Uptime and Performance  Establish multi-synchronous geographic redundancy  Variety of EC2 instance types, each optimized to support the needs of your target workload  Immediately respond to changing resource requirements using Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing  Maintain full visibility with a single pane of glass  Place applications and data in AWS Availability Zones near end users to reduce latency
  10. Easily Manage and Scale  Reduce learning curve by extending existing investments and toolsets into AWS  Leverage automation capabilities to free up more time for innovation and delivering customer value  Offload Microsoft SQL Server administrative tasks with Amazon RDS  Tap into the AWS Partner Network for migration and managed services  Receive the same support from Microsoft as you do on-premises
  11. License-included: Bring your own licenses:  Current and legacy versions available from AWS Marketplace or AWS Management Console  License costs included in AWS bill  AWS handles license compliance  Can use License Mobility through Software Assurance, or make use of Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts  Extend license investments to the cloud and pay only for AWS services you consume  You are responsible for license compliance For additional information, contact Microsoft, your Microsoft reseller, or Licensing Options on AWS
  12. Accelerate Time to Value with re:Think Credits  Designed to help enterprises migrate or build new Microsoft applications cost-effectively  New Windows workloads are eligible for credits based on the projected annual spend from:  EC2 Windows (including BYOL)  SQL Server usage (EC2 or RDS)  Elastic Block Storage (EBS) This is a limited time credit program - contact us today to see if your Windows workload qualifies! re:Think for Windows Program
  13. Elbert Lubas, Senior Program Manager, Major National Transportation Software Provider VM Public Cloud Deployment Project
  14. Positive Train Control initiative Constraints and Consequences Heterogeneous Windows / RedHat Environment Historical Virtual Infrastructure for Parallel Testing, Deployment Automation and Configuration Management AWS Project Background
  15. Leverage massively parallel infrastructure when needed Eliminate persistent / durable VMs in favor of immutable Optimize for cost, performance, parallelism over time Adopt best-of-breed AWS platform technologies to accelerate development and innovation Motivation for AWS Cloud
  16. What is the VM Public Cloud Deployment Project?  The VM Public Cloud Deployment project is an MCC initiative to solve the ongoing need for MCC teams when they utilize virtual machines as a platform to test, validate, create and access software and integration development.  The opportunities and problems we are attempting to solve are the following:  Governance over request and deployment for Virtual Machines  Golden Templates for each needed test/validation configuration  Scalable solution with an option to flex up or tear down on demand  Subscription limitation based on roles or department  Clear utilization of demand analysis for Virtual Machine consumption  Automated deployment process for Virtual Machine Configuration  Automated Build Verification process  Opportunities for Dispatcher (For Test execution and collation of results)  Opportunities for RNS – Radio Network Simulator  As Is:  MCC Enterprise IT maintains a private cloud infrastructure which is the present solution to perform VM Provisioning for our Engineering teams
  17. Phase 1: MVP Scope Automated regression test infrastructure for Messaging that can burst into an unlimited number of on-demand test “Triplet” hosts running in the Cloud. Cloud Infrastructure Automate cloud infrastructure (network, subnets, security) and connectivity (VPN, dedicated network) Continuous Integration CI pipeline for Messaging, automating the images and code deployment for the DevelopHost 64-bit, TestHost 64-bit, and TestHost 32-bit. Auto Scaling Controlled auto- scaling and metadata synchronization for each triplet to optimize cost and speed of regression tests. Dispatcher Queuing Queuing service to ensure dispatcher can continue to develop messages while the auto-scaling is increasing the number of instances. Monitoring Monitoring of the full regression test infrastructure.
  18. Achieving Maximum Business Agility: Thinking Differently About IT Infrastructure Jared Reimer, Chief Technology Officer, Cascadeo
  19. About Cascadeo  Cascadeo is an AWS Premier Partner  Vendor-neutral team comprised of ~60 industry veterans.  Based in Seattle with more than a decade in business; operations in US & Asia.
  20. What Sets Cascadeo Apart?  Firm believers and advocates of the “automate early and often” philosophy  We are an engineering-first organization with decades of industry experience around full- stack automation and distributed systems at scale.  Top-tier partner and industry validation.
  21. The Endless Loop Trying to build systems that never fail while still relying upon humans to perpetually monitor and operate them
  22. Massively parallel (1000s) nightly test runs with different scenarios and configurations. Immutable infrastructure with full-stack deployment automation and configuration management. Extensively leverages Serverless Compute using AWS Lambda and higher-order PaaS services like AWS CodePipeline, CloudWatch, and CloudTrail. Can optimize for cost or performance as required, on the fly, day or night. Cloud Solution Introduction
  23. Availability Understand what is “good enough”. Preserve the UX / endpoint health even in failure scenarios Durability What is your worst case tolerance for data loss and time to recovery? What is your acceptable data loss window? Security Assume that breaches are inevitable and mitigate damage when they occur. Keep the humans out! Designing the Cloud for Compromise
  24. The strategy:  Leverage AWS PaaS services to maximum extent possible Architecture
  25. Tests Added to Queue by Devs
  26. AMI Build and Tests Queued Prepare Test Harness and Create AMI
  27. Tests Executed
  28. Test Results and Analytics
  29. Deploy, Rinse, Repeat!  You have a much higher degree of confidence if you use deployment automation, configuration management, and frequently re-deploy. Why?  Our mantra is to automate early and often. Replace deployments proactively rather than reactively, and keep the humans out of production environments wherever and whenever possible.  Redeploy - don’t patch, hotfix, RDP
  30. Legacy cruft piled up by iterative patching Unknown security and ops history; complete inability to detect modern rootkits / malware Entropy is not your friend. Reset to baseline as often as practical. No repeatability = no recoverability = eventual failure Documentation is always wrong when you need it most. Counting on humans to operate systems perpetually without failing does not work. Band-aids fossilize into permanent fixtures The emphasis shifts and never returns (until the next crisis occurs) Refactoring later is rarely fun or glamorous work There is no “just do it once” in the cloud. Don’t believe the marketing hype. “Lift and Shift” is a recipe for failure 9 times out of 10. Why Not “Lift and Shift” Instead?
  31. The A380 vs. The GigaFactory
  32. Thoughtful Cloud Adoption Is this truly unique to your company? Everything else is a SaaS (or a Lambda function, or SPI glue) Develop! Develop! Develop! Automate early and often! Limit blast radius within and across microservices. How much is “good enough” vs. overkill
  33. Mo Gawdat, CBO, Google X; Author; Father “Happiness is equal to or greater than the events of your life minus your expectation of how life should be.” Mo Gawdat, CBO, Google X; Author; Father
  34. Conclusions  Business agility wins.  Leverage SaaS/PaaS services rather than reinventing wheels.  Challenge your expectations and assumptions about infrastructure requirements and realities.  Develop, don’t operate.  Automate early and often.  Make thoughtful compromises and cloud design decisions.
  35. Q&A Vadim Astakhov, Ecosystem Solutions Architect, AWS Elbert Lubas, Senior Program Manager, Major National Transportation Software Provider Jared Reimer, CTO, Cascadeo