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Migrating Windows-based Enterprise Applications to AWS

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Migrating Windows-based Enterprise Applications to AWS, presented by NetApp.

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Migrating Windows-based Enterprise Applications to AWS

  1. 1. ©2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved Migrating Windows-based Enterprise Applications to AWS Kevin Hill, Cloud Solutions Architect, NetApp Paul Brown, Director, Group IT Systems, Cordant Group PLC
  2. 2. About Us A leader in recruitment and integrated facility services since 1957 • 192 UK Group locations • 5,200 clients • 36 industry sectors. • £609 million turnover in the most recent year • Sugarman acquisition adding 20 locations across the world $6.3 B FY14 Revenue #1 Storage OS Market Share #1 U.S. Government, Germany, Australia Market Share #2 Open Networked Storage Market Share DC Q4 2014 Storage Hardware Market Share March 2015: Open Networked Market Share Branded – Open Networked = combined NAS and SAN - Revenue and Capacity for 2014 Federal agencies must report all contracts valued at $3,000 or more. Based on FPDS-NG reports FY2011-2013, NetApp is the top storage provider. IDC Names NetApp Data ONTAP as the #1 Branded Storage Operating System Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker 2014 Q2, September 2014 1+ Exabyte-Qtr FY14 Average Storage Shipped
  3. 3. Agenda 1. Changing IT Model – Data center challenges – Considering the cloud 2. Making the Transition – Top issues considered with IT transition – Walkthrough of the architectures – Cordant Group results & benefits 3. Future plans 4. NetApp Cloud Solutions – Who is NetApp – Overview of NetApp solutions used by Cordant Group
  4. 4. Changing IT Model
  5. 5. Data Center Challenges Through strategic acquisitions, Cordant Group grew from 4 to 12 data centers in two years – Scattered across the UK – Each location comprising application servers, file storage and associated DR solutions – Costly to maintain in both time & money
  6. 6. Data Center Challenges Infrastructure consolidation only went so far – Reduced infrastructure from 12 to 3 (Primary, secondary, and DR sites) • Via VMware virtualization and NetApp enterprise storage • CIFS datastores and NFS storage plus Citrix Provisioning Services Datastores (for XenApp 6.5) – Still had challenges with scalability • Only scale to available rack space
  7. 7. Changing IT Model: Considering the Cloud • Needed a more flexible IT environment – Scalability – Regional coverage – Application uptime flexibility to manage cost • Cloud provider needed to be stable and trusted • Require local provider data centers to meet EU regulatory mandates • The Choice:
  8. 8. Making the Transition
  9. 9. Top Focus Areas Moving to AWS • Application requirements – Applications: Citrix, Legacy Applications, SQL, File Storage – Data Format: NFS & CIFS • Minimize application impacts – Find solution that does not require a complete overhaul of applications – No direct replacement for data format in cloud
  10. 10. Multi-data center solution for availability and protection Pre-Cloud Application Architecture Data Center 1 Data Center 2 London & Hillingdon Data Centers Data Center 1 iSCSI NFS CIFS Replicate Data (SnapMirror®) Data Center 2 iSCSI NFS CIFS Backup/Archive Location
  11. 11. Data Storage Technology Testing • Started with off-the-shelf AWS capabilities – SQL Database  RDS • Data format compatibility troubles • Required heavy application changes to use RDS • Shifted focus to external solutions – NetApp CIFS  Microsoft DFS • DFS environment had limitations • Increased sysadmin support – NetApp Data ONTAP  NetApp Cloud ONTAP • Provided familiar NFS environment that allowed attaching iSCSI attached local drives to support virtual SQL instances • Integrated SQL tools allowed data protection schema to remain
  12. 12. EBS EBS EBS Expand your storage options in the cloud NetApp Cloud ONTAP Data Center  NetApp clustered Data ONTAP on EC2  Available directly from AWS Marketplace  Enterprise storage in minutes  Same capabilities as data center storage  Multiprotocol, storage efficiency, Zero footprint snapshots and clones SnapMirror® NetApp OnCommand® Management Suite Insight Unified Manager System Manager Cloud Manager Manage and monitor cloud storage both in the cloud and on-site iSCSI NFS CIFS
  13. 13. Multi-region application coverage Applications Architecture: AWS AWS Availability Zone 1 AWS Availability Zone 2 AWS Region 2 EUCentral AWS Region 1 (EU West) Replicate Data (SnapMirror®)EBS EBS EBS iSCSI NFS CIFSiSCSI NFS CIFS
  14. 14. Results • Citrix farm running Microsoft SQL on AWS leveraging data protection with SnapDrive and SnapManager for SQL • Multi-AZ production in EUWest backed up to EUCentral • Production environment now capable of cloud scale • Cloud ONTAP simplified workload migration to AWS – No application redesign – Same data store formats on CIFS and NFS – Same data management as data center storage
  15. 15. Future Plans
  16. 16. Future AWS Direction • Acquisitions expanding site footprint to Americas, AU, APAC, etc. • AWS data centers provide needed GEO coverage
  17. 17. Reduce cost of backups with AltaVault and Amazon S3/Amazon Glacier Future Architecture Direction: Back Up AWS Availability Zone 1 AWS Availability Zone 2 Glacier AWS Region 2 EUCentral S3 AWS Region 1 (EU West) AltaVault AMI Replicate Data (SnapMirror®) CIFS CIFS EBS EBS iSCSI NFS NFS CIFS CIFS iSCSI NFS CIFS
  18. 18. NetApp Cloud Solutions
  19. 19. NetApp Storage for the Cloud Hyperscale Cloud Providers Private Cloud Cloud Service Providers DATA NetApp Storage Systems & Solutions FAS FlexArray StorageGRID WebScale E-Series NPS for Cloud NetApp AltaVault
  20. 20. Test drive NetApp solutions for free If your customer is interested in Step 1 - Quick Spin Step 2 - Longer Evaluation Cloud ONTAP for AWS  1 Hr. Test Drive – Free  p/  14 day trial – Free  Uses AMI on the AWS Marketplace  ONTAP Explore NetApp Private Storage for AWS  1 Hr. Test Drive – Free  p/  14 day trial – Storage Free  Uses NetApp Cloud Lab  AltaVault Appliance  90 day trial – Free  Use downloadable virtual appliance  Bring your own backup software  AltaVault AMI  Use AMI on the AWS Marketplace  Bring your own backup software 
  21. 21. Your Feedback is Important to AWS Please complete the session evaluation. Tell us what you think!
  22. 22. Learn how NetApp helps accelerate your cloud adoption More Information Come meet the NetApp experts at booth #209 NetApp Cloud Solutions NetApp Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Amazon Web Services NetApp on AWS Marketplace