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Monitoring, Hold the Infrastructure - Getting the Most out of AWS Lambda – Datadog

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Just as we got a hang of monitoring our server-based applications, they take away the server. How do you monitor something that doesn’t exist? What metrics matter most in a serverless world? In this session, we will look at how applications are different in a AWS Lambda-based world and how to monitor them. Join us as we work our way through the stack and demonstrate how to capture the health and performance of your services.

The focus of this session is not tool specific. Attendees will learn production tested lessons and leave with frameworks they can implement with their serverless workloads regardless of the platforms and tools they use.

Speaker: Matt Williams, Evangelist, Datadog

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Monitoring, Hold the Infrastructure - Getting the Most out of AWS Lambda – Datadog

  1. 1. © 2016, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Matt Williams - Evangelist @ Datadog Monitoring, Hold the Infrastructure Getting the Most from AWS Lambda
  2. 2. The Plan Learn about the basics of AWS Lambda Add AWS Lambda to your infrastructure Monitoring 101 (the tl;dr version) Monitoring AWS Lambda
  3. 3. What is AWS Lambda The next stage in a long progression... physical boxes virtual machines on physical boxes containers lambda AWS instances
  4. 4. Important AWS Lambda Concepts TRIGGER BASED
  5. 5. Important AWS Lambda Concepts STATELESS STATELESS
  6. 6. Important AWS Lambda Concepts SERVERLESS AS FAR AS YOU ARE CONCERNED
  7. 7. Important AWS Lambda Concepts Each event will trigger a new Lambda function There is a safety limit per region of 100 (contact support for changes)
  8. 8. What is a AWS Lambda Function • Your executable code • No restrictions • Priced based on execution time, quantity, and memory
  9. 9. What can trigger AWS Lambda? Files Amazon S3 Database Updates Amazon DynamoDB Streams Amazon Kinesis Messages Amazon SNS, Amazon SES User Data & Authentication Amazon Cognito Infrastructure Changes AWS CloudFormation Logs, Events, Metrics Amazon CloudWatch IoT Echo, Amazon API Gateway
  10. 10. LambdaLambda Lambda Lambda $goad
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Other Examples Bittorrent Tracker Hugely scalable using S3 tracker Chat Bots Easy to build S3 Data Loading Simpler than the typical Kinesis process architectures-s3-data-loading/ Skills for the Amazon Echo Make one today in the hall
  13. 13. Best Practices from AWS Write stateless code Local vars Permissions Minimize startup Monitor Delete old functions
  14. 14. Adding AWS Lambda to your infrastructure
  15. 15. How to Create a AWS Lambda Function 1.Write the code 2.Setup on AWS 3.Debug
  16. 16. AWS Lambda Demo
  17. 17. Frameworks node-lambda
  18. 18. Native Gotchas Lambda runs on an Amazon Linux container …and your dev box probably isn’t Amazon Linux… …so native NPM modules are problematic
  19. 19. Native npm 1. Launch an Amazon Linux ec2 2. Use a node version manager 3. Install node 4.3 4. Install the native modules you need 5. Package the modules and dl to your box 6. Deploy
  20. 20. Building the demo with node-lambda Four files: • package.json • .env • event.json • index.js
  21. 21. Monitoring 101 the tl;dr version
  22. 22. Collecting data is cheap
  23. 23. Collecting data is cheap; Not having it when you need it can be expensive
  24. 24. Monitoring AWS Lambda
  25. 25. What are the AWS Lambda Metrics aws.lambda.duration, min, max, sum aws.lambda.errors aws.lambda.invocations aws.lambda.throttles
  26. 26. Three Options for Monitoring AWS Lambda 1. Add a custom metric to CloudWatch 2. Add metric directly to monitoring application 3. Add a line to the CloudWatch logs
  27. 27. How Datadog Does It Add line to CloudWatch logs: MONITORING|unix_epoch_timestamp|value|type||#tag1:value,tag2
  28. 28. Monitoring example
  29. 29. Monitoring example
  30. 30. Monitoring example
  31. 31. Monitoring example
  32. 32. Matt Williams Evangelist - Datadog @technovangelist Twitter: @list
  33. 33. Thank you!