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Network-Ready Your Hybrid IT Environment (ENT108) | AWS re:Invent 2013

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(Presented by Equinix) As IT decision makers shift their consumptionmodels to leverage more cloud services, they are faced with overcomingperformance, security and compliance limitations associated with the publicInternet as an access method. In this session, we illustrate how Equinixdelivers a unique and enhanced AWS Direct Connect global service offering thatenables secure, high-speed access with the flexible, dynamic bandwidth to meetthe needs of the evolving IT consumption trends.

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Network-Ready Your Hybrid IT Environment (ENT108) | AWS re:Invent 2013

  1. 1. Network-Ready Your Hybrid IT Environment Sean Iraca, Equinix November 15, 2013
  2. 2. Session Agenda • • • • • • Challenge of Cloud Consumption for Enterprises today Enabling Flexible Network Architecture Globally Unique support for AWS Hosted Virtual Interface Use Case Review Going Global Wrap Up
  3. 3. Enterprises are expected to focus on deploying a hybrid public/private environment Private Cloud Represents A $20Bn+ Market In 2017 Hybrid offers the best economics Source: IDC – Worldwide Private Cloud IT Infrastructure Forecast (April 2013), McKinsey Cloud Initiative 3
  4. 4. Extensive Growth in Cloud Traffic  Shifting Bottleneck from Server and Storage to Network Cloud Data Center Traffic to Grow 4.5-Fold – 2012 to 2017 Cloud IP Traffic Growing at 35%CAGR Over the Next Four Years • 2/3rd of future workloads to be in the cloud - True Cloud workloads growing at 30% CAGR and can support 16.7 workloads per machine Greater Virtualization Driving Workload Migration • Traffic within the data center is 4X larger than traffic outside the data center - Today, only 7% of data goes between DC’s (e.g. metro to metro) and 17% goes to end users Cloud growth driving need for real-time “fat pipes” enabling customers to seamlessly and securely stand-up connections to a range of CSPs “Nirvanix bankruptcy threatened to strand core data if we could not access a direct connection” Source: Cisco Global Cloud Index Report 2013 - Nirvanix Customer 4
  5. 5. Enterprises Are Accessing Multiple Cloud/SaaS Infrastructures CIO’s struggling to provide: • Access to multiple cloud platforms • Manage security/data control • Application performance • Hybrid IT deployments IAAS SAAS 5
  6. 6. Network Virtualization  Key to enabling Hybrid IT “Network virtualization is the key enabling technology in the hybrid cloud computing era and will enable workload mobility to different geographies and to external cloud providers, as well as network provisioning on demand” Gartner, 2013 Private IT Deployments Hybrid IT Deployments Public Cloud Deployments Cloud Ecosystem is made up of 1200+ Members Network Services “Traditional network architectures do not provide the required flexibility and must evolve to meet todays capacity and agility demands” Gartner, 2013 6
  7. 7. Evolution of Cloud Connectivity New! Equinix supports AWS Hosted Virtual Interface with New Service Internet Access AWS Direct Connect AWS Hosted Virtual Interface Cloud Customers Cloud Customer Cloud Customer 1,10-Gb Fiber Equinix Ethernet Exchange Cloud Provider Benefits: • Anywhere access • Flexible and dynamic Challenges: • Best effort, low throughput, high latency • Least secure access • Least reliable Virtual Connections (50M to 1G) Benefits: • Secure and private • Highest bandwidth • High performance, consistent throughput, low latency • Cost-effective Challenges: • Physical installations • One to one connections, hard to scale Benefits: • Secure and private • Consistent throughput, low latency • Very cost-effective with sub-1G access • Flexible, dynamic, scalable • Reduced provisioning times 7
  8. 8. Service Description Equinix Service to offer AWS Hosted Virtual Interface Equinix-branded service provides customers in EQIX IBXs private, secure, direct access to AWS Cloud services with flexible sub-1G bandwidth options. • Reduce bandwidth cost; improving overall TCO • Achieve secure and private connections with consistent throughput for a better, more consistent end user experience compared to Internet-based solution • Enable new applications and seamlessly extend customers’ internal data center into the cloud • Provide sub-1G simplified bundled offering with provisioning and SLA all from EQIX • Easily deploy and scale with virtual connections, including ability to burst up to 2X committed rate • Extend to multiple cloud providers, network services and ecosystem partners with same infrastructure EQIX EEE Z-side Port to AWS Customer EEE Aside Port EQIX CrossConnect Cloud Customer in EQIX IBX EEE VLAN EQIX EEE EQIX Owned AWS Port AWS Edge AWS Availability Zone 8
  9. 9. Optimizing Cloud Deployments Direct Connections to key Cloud platforms enable performance & security Hybrid IT Deployments Private IT Deployments AWS Direct Connect Public Cloud Deployments Cost Effective • Large bandwidth at drastically lower rates Secure • Private-high bandwidth dedicated network, with no encryption overhead Reliable • Direct connects provide a more consistent experience than Internet-based connections Performance • Enables hybrid cloud deployments Network Services Access to over 1,200 unique cloud and IT providers and SI’s 9
  10. 10. Flexible Network Architecture Within the Data Center Equinix Switching Fabric Network Provider Remote Offices/ Data Centers Cloud Providers • Single-point connectivity to multiple CSPs/SaaS providers • Automated provisioning of private access Customer Colo node at Equinix Equinix IBX • Simplified, flexible billing • Access to lit buildings to connect remote offices • Colo within the building for Performance Hubs / Hybrid compute Establishing virtual cross connects in real time 10
  11. 11. Switching Fabric to Connect Remote Sites Use Case: Cloud Performance Hub Equinix Switching Fabric Network Provider Remote Offices/ Data Centers Colo node at Equinix Equinix IBX Enterprise Use Case: Connecting Remote Sites Cloud Providers • Establish Performance Hub at core network nodes • Leverage NSP infrastructure to connect remote sites via Layer 2 Ethernet / Layer 3 VPN • Enable access to multiple CSP and SaaS providers • Able to stand-up VCCs in real-time as needed 11
  12. 12. Leveraging Switching Fabric to Transfer Bulk Data/VMs Between CSPs Use Case: Cloud to Cloud transfer Equinix Switching Fabric Network Provider Remote Offices/ Data Centers Customers could save ~3 hours when transferring a 50GB VM by using Private Access Enterprise Use Case: • Real-time Transfer due to CSP failure Cloud Providers Colo node at Equinix Equinix IBX • Establish real-time VCC between platforms • Enable secure highbandwidth transfer • Requires Cloud to Cloud compatibility (e.g., Rightscale) Leveraging Cloud Exchange to support multi-cloud access 12
  13. 13. Leveraging Switching Fabric to Enable Hybrid Compute Use Case: Hybrid IT Colo Node at Equinix Deploy incremental capability for high performance compute • On-premise infrastructure • Big Data Analytics leveraging external data sources Equinix Cloud Exchange Network Provider Cloud Providers Enterprise Use Case: Hybrid Compute • Burst from in-house infrastructure to the cloud to achieve elasticity and reduce costs • Establish real-time secure VCCs Remote Offices/ Data Centers Colo node at Equinix • Leverage external data to provide incremental insight Equinix IBX Potential for future Colo deployment at core nodes 13
  14. 14. Direct Connect Performance is significantly superior to Public Internet and accessing via NSP Cloud Service Providers Equinix Cross Connect AWS Direct Connect is 138% faster performance for file transfer NSP Added Latency from NSP NSP Backhaul Average of results demonstrates 138% faster file transmission when using AWS Direct Connect against Public Internet Connection Public Connection via Internet Equinix Direct Connect Customers could save ~3 hours when transferring a 50GB VM by using Private Connectivity Enterprise Users 14
  15. 15. Going Global AWS Direct Connect available in 7 Markets / 3 Continents The Only Global Provider • 99 IBXs / 31 Metros AWS Availability Zones present in EQIX IBXs in key markets globally • SV, DC, SE,TY, SG, SY • LD back to Dublin Access a Wide Choice of Cloud, Content, Network Service Providers, Partners and Customers • 130+ Cloud Infrastructure and SaaS Service Providers
  16. 16. Equinix Has the Largest Exchange Platform in the World Key Facts Seattle Palo Alto San Jose Los Angeles Toronto Chicago New York Ashburn/Vienna Atlanta Dallas Miami Amsterdam London Paris Geneva Zurich Frankfurt Tokyo Hong Kong Singapore Sydney • Next Largest IX Operator only in 5 markets • Equinix is the only provider that has Ethernet Exchange Platform 19 Internet Exchanges Markets • 673 Unique Customers • 2,014 Total Ports with 1.18 Terabytes provisioned • 2.19 Terabytes of Global peak traffic 17 Ethernet Exchange Markets • 8M+ lit buildings • <30 microseconds packet latency 16
  17. 17. Global Cloud Hubs 10 Critical Locations Where the Cloud Ecosystem is Growing Direct proximity to customers to improve end-user experience 800+ cloud services deployments 900+ network providers 50+ Ethernet exchanges <10ms latency for 90% of North America, EU and key AP metros 17
  18. 18. Disaster Recovery Challenges Common problems with connecting an enterprise data center to public clouds NetApp Private Storage 1. Connections can be expensive (e.g., MPLS) Replication to Secondary Site Infrastructure as a Service – Compute, Storage, and Other Services Public Cloud Customer Premises Branch Location 2. Unreliable performance, especially when using public Internet 3. Security and compliance concerns 4. IT skill gaps in integrating clouds 5. Inflexible infrastructure and limited connectivity options on the enterprise side 18
  19. 19. NetApp for AWS on Platform Equinix Enabling flexibility and resiliency Disaster Recovery Use Case NetApp Private Storage A B Use AWS for cloud-based compute while keeping data on array C Customer Premises Replicate application data from customer facility to array at Equinix (Optional) Replicate setup between multiple AWS availability zones over highcapacity Ethernet link A NetApp Private Storage Direct Connect Equinix IBX Data Center AWS availability zone: US West C High-capacity Ethernet Link NetApp Private Storage Direct Connect B Equinix IBX Data Center AWS availability zone: US East 19
  20. 20. Key Customers Are Deploying Hybrid Clouds Significant performance improvements, lower cost “Equinix worked with Box to develop a comprehensive strategy for distributing its growing global network, enabling Box to achieve a 60% increase in performance*.” “The move to Equinix has resulted in a 15% improvement in response times from the Badgeville application delivering a better customer experience. In addition, Badgeville has seen a 40% reduction in operational costs.” Case studies Box: Badgeville: 20
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