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Running Microsoft Technologies on AWS - Pop-up Loft TLV 2017

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In this session, you will discover the key tenets for architecting and deploying Microsoft Workloads in the AWS cloud environment. From core infrastructure and Microsoft Active Directory deployment to Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange, we will cover the best practices applied by our customers on the platform.

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Running Microsoft Technologies on AWS - Pop-up Loft TLV 2017

  1. 1. Microsoft on AWS Julien Lépine, Principal Solutions Architect
  3. 3. Cloud is an ongoing optimization model On- Premises Lift & Shift Instance Right- Sizing Improved Elasticity Measure, Monitor, Improve Optimized EC2 Storage Optimization Serverless Architecture Managed Services True AWS Optimized Traditional TCO Comparisons
  4. 4. AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET SDK
  5. 5. ENTERPRISE APPS DEVELOPMENT & OPERATIONSMOBILE SERVICESAPP SERVICESANALYTICS Data Warehousing Hadoop/ Spark Streaming Data Collection Machine Learning Elastic Search Virtual Desktops Sharing & Collaboration Corporate Email Backup Queuing & Notifications Workflow Search Email Transcoding One-click App Deployment Identity Sync Single Integrated Console Push Notifications DevOps Resource Management Application Lifecycle Management Containers Triggers Resource Templates TECHNICAL & BUSINESS SUPPORT Account Management Support Professional Services Training & Certification Security & Pricing Reports Partner Ecosystem Solutions Architects MARKETPLACE Business Apps Business Intelligence Databases DevOps Tools NetworkingSecurity Storage Regions Availability Zones Points of Presence INFRASTRUCTURE CORE SERVICES Compute VMs, Auto-scaling, & Load Balancing Storage Object, Blocks, Archival, Import/Export Databases Relational, NoSQL, Caching, Migration Networking VPC, DX, DNS CDN Access Control Identity Management Key Management & Storage Monitoring & Logs Assessment and reporting Resource & Usage Auditing SECURITY & COMPLIANCE Configuration Compliance Web application firewall HYBRID ARCHITECTURE Data Backups Integrated App Deployments Direct Connect Identity Federation Integrated Resource Management Integrated Networking API Gateway IoT Rules Engine Device Shadows Device SDKs Registry Device Gateway Streaming Data Analysis Business Intelligence Mobile Analytics
  6. 6. Hosting your .NET applications AMAZON EC2 AWS LAMBDAANY PLATFORM AWS OpsWorks AWS Elastic Beanstalk Amazon ECS Amazon API Gateway
  7. 7. AWS also provides extended support  AWS CodeCommit/CodePipeline/CodeDeploy • Manage a large fleet (on-premises and cloud-based)  .NET SDK and PowerShell cmdlets • Integration in custom build pipelines in TFS or other  AWS native integrations • Jenkins, Bamboo have native integration to AWS • Other IDE support AWS (Unity, Xamarin Studio, Eclipse…)
  9. 9. Platform identity corporate data center ADDC ADFS AWS IAM Amazon S3 AWS CloudTrail AWS Config Logging and monitoring platform
  10. 10. Core network infrastructure Availability Zone Availability Zone Internet gateway NAT gateway NAT gateway VPN connection corporate data center Amazon S3 Logging and monitoring platform Public subnet Public subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet flow logs Amazon CloudWatch Logs Availability Zone
  11. 11. Windows identity Availability Zone Availability Zone Internet gateway NAT gateway Active Directory Tier AWS Directory Service NAT gateway VPN connection corporate data center AWS IAM ADFS ADDC
  12. 12. Moving initial Microsoft workloads to AWS BUILDING IN THE CLOUD MIGRATION
  13. 13. Instance migration
  14. 14. Migrating data to and from AWS AWS Database Migration Service Minimize downtime during migrations, migrate between different DB platforms, Schema Conversion Tool Amazon RDS Native Backup / Restore Store your existing SQL Server backups ‘.bak’ files in Amazon S3 and restore them on Amazon RDS Microsoft SQL Server Database Publishing Wizard Export to T-SQL files, load using sqlcmd 1 2 3 AWS Marketplace Third-party data import and export tools and solutions 4
  15. 15. Database Migration
  16. 16. Creating repeatable architectures BOOTSTRAPPING CONTAINERS AUTOMATED DEPLOYMENTS AWS CloudFormation Amazon ECS PowerShell AWS Systems Manager State Manager
  17. 17. AWS CloudFormation
  18. 18. Amazon RDS features Your familiar Microsoft SQL Server platform Choose from SQL Server 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2014 / 2016, in Express, Standard, Web or Enterprise Edition All major processes automated Creation via one API call, automated failover, patching, backup, point in time recovery, easy scalability, AD integration You retain a high level of control Use your existing licenses, the settings of the database engine, programmability 1 2 3 So you focus on your business Focus on the data schema, query planning and workload optimization based on your business 4
  19. 19. Scaling Web Application Availability Zone Availability Zone Internet gateway NAT gateway NAT gateway VPN connection corporate data center ADDC ADFS AWS IAM users Active Directory Tier Database Tier Web Tier ELB IIS Server Amazon RDS AWS Directory Service IIS Server
  20. 20. Administration at scale REMOTE DESKTOP ACCESS REMOTE SCRIPTING RDGW Amazon WorkSpaces CLOUD CONTROL CENTER PowerShell AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell AWS Systems Manager
  21. 21. Keeping the platform up to date IMAGE HYGIENE PowerShell DSC MONITORING INVENTORY AUDITING CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT Amazon CloudWatch AWS Systems Manager PATCHING AWS Config
  23. 23. Licensing Continuum License Included • Amazon manages the licenses • Pay-as-you-go pricing • Multi-tenant or dedicated • No license management overhead • AWS provides images Hybrid • Baseline in BYOL • Leverage scalability and pay-as-you-go where applicable • Limit management overhead • Import and use some of your OS or software BYOL • Import and use your own OS/software • Reduce your spend if you already pay an ISV for licensing • You manage licensing costs and compliance with your ISV • Committed contracts with your ISVs
  24. 24. Delaware North Moves Data Center to AWS to Save $3.5M Over Five Years • Construction of new headquarters building led company to reevaluate its IT platform • Evaluated several cloud vendors and chose AWS • Reducing its data center server footprint by 91% • Anticipates saving at least $3.5 million over five years with leaner IT • Improving security compliance, disaster recovery, and delivery of new services and solutions From a CIO’s perspective, I looked very closely at the reputation and value proposition that each cloud vendor brought to the table. AWS had a clear lead over the competition. Kevin Quinlivan, Chief Information Officer ” “ Delaware North is $3 billion leader in the food service and hospitality industry. It is based in Buffalo, New York.
  25. 25. How to get started  Create an AWS Account and leverage the free tier • 1 year Amazon EC2 instance • 1 year AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory • 1 year Amazon RDS Instance • Much more  Contact us and come meet us  AWS and partners offer training and certification Amazon EC2 AWS Directory Service Amazon RDS
  26. 26. Julien Lépine