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Supporting and Optimizing your AWS Experience

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In this session you'll learn how to take advantage of unique properties of the cloud and how to ensure you have expert engineering help along the way. We'll tell you about the AWS global support operations and how they can assist you 24x7, show you the fantastic set of checks available in our automated Trusted Advisor tool and give you tips and tricks on how to realize cost-aware architectures. And don't just take it from us, hear from customers too on how they have used AWS support services to get the best out of the platform

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Supporting and Optimizing your AWS Experience

  1. 1. Justin Brindley-KoonceSr. Manager, AWS Support - AmericasSupporting and Optimizingyour AWS Experience
  2. 2. AWS Support ProductFeature Matrix• Different levels of support to matchthe support needs of our customers
  3. 3. Built on top of Legacy of Customer Obsession
  4. 4. AWS Support is a Global Organization
  5. 5. More than traditional 24x7x365 Break-Fix• AWS Support is highly available to help you in your time of need, but…• We’re much more than reactive troubleshooting– Help you onboard and get started with services– Provide recommendations on best practices– Understand your architecture and cross-service experience– Assist with integrating the 150+ annual AWS feature releases– Support a growing list of 3rd Party Software configurations
  6. 6. More than traditional 24x7x365 Break-Fix• Customer migration to AWS– Educated customer on breadth of service options– Assisted customer with a database recovery via phpmyadmin• Customer stuck between dev teams– Helped a customer deploy a new website developed by a contractor that hadlimited systems administration experience– Guided customer through the install and configuration of application stack• Customer deploying large content management system for media– Primarily concerned with storage so covered options vs. previous NAS storage– Discussed architecture and explained ELBs, AutoScaling, and VPC
  7. 7. Infrastructure Event Management (IEM)• Designed for short-term tactical engagements– Public campaign, product launch, marketing event– Seasonal usage spikes• Assigns dedicated and senior support resources• Engagement starts with discovery, moves to planning and execution, andends with a review• Included with Enterprise Support, but can be purchased as needed forBusiness Support customers
  8. 8. Customer StoriesHarper Reed, CTO at Obama for AmericaTo make sure that we were successful, we relied extensively on the support optionsthat Amazon Web Services offered. We worked closely with AWS Support totroubleshoot and solve the varied issues that arose. One of the keys to oursuccess was having a Technical Account Manager who knew ourinfrastructure and advocated for our needs to all the internal AWS groups. OurTAM was monitoring our AWS resources during high volume events like thedebates and Election night and proactively mitigating potential issues before theyimpacted our users. Our experience was well beyond the traditional break-fixreactive support mode, instead we truly felt we had a partner with our TAM andthe entire AWS support team. They were as much committed to our success as wewere.
  9. 9. Customer StoriesJason Titus, CTO, ShazamA large contributor to the success of Shazam’s Super Bowl event was the workdone beforehand with the help of AWS Enterprise Support. Working hand inhand with a dedicated Technical Account Manager, the support teamprovided real-time assistance, ensuring our application would scale to meetthe anticipated demand of the event. In addition to the upfront support, theAWS Enterprise Support team also provided around the clock monitoring andassistance from the US and Europe during the event, and had AWS engineeringresources on standby should their assistance be required.
  10. 10. Customer StoriesNASA JPLPrior to the landing, JPL engaged the AWS Support and their Infrastructure andEvent Management (IEM) program to review software architectures, availablecapacity and operational practices and work closely with the Solution Architects.As the Curiosity rover was landing on Mars and provided live images from thesurface of the Red Planet, the world participated via solutions developed byNASA/JPL and hosted on AWS. AWS and JPL teams worked side-by-side toquickly identify and resolve any issues that arose. The assistance provided byan on-site AWS Support Technical Account Manager and Solution Architectswho were familiar with JPLs environment allowed AWS to rapidly engageadditional resources as needed. Both JPL and AWS teams continuouslymonitored Curiositys operational and outreach systems.
  11. 11. AWS Trusted Advisor• Draws upon best practices learned from aggregated operational history ofserving hundreds of thousands of AWS customers.• Includes 27 individual checks within four categories today.• Provides proactive recommendations to customers to detect and avoidissues before they happen.• During the month of March, customers followed 53% of savingsrecommendations, 42% of performance enhancements, 31% of faulttolerance best practices, and implemented 20% of recommended securitychanges. Overall, 329K recommendations were viewed, and customers tookaction that resulted in $22M in annualized savings.
  12. 12. AWS Trusted Advisor• Cost Optimizing– The goal of this category is to save customers money.– Identifying AWS resources that are underutilized, idle, allocatedbut unused, and by recommending opportunities to save bycommitting to resources over a period of time.
  13. 13. AWS Trusted Advisor• Security– Less than optimal security practices put your AWS application atrisk.– Focuses on security best practices and highlights areas whereyou may be exposed or not taking advantage of securityfeatures designed to make your account more secure.
  14. 14. AWS Trusted Advisor• Fault Tolerance– With the cloud comes great flexibility and scale but not allcustomers use theses capabilities to their advantage.– Checks are designed to recommend actions that will make yourapplication more resilient by avoiding common mistakes madewhen transitioning to the cloud.
  15. 15. AWS Trusted Advisor• Performance– Focuses on ensuring that you get the performance youexpect.– Indicating over-utilized instances and sub-optimalconfigurations.
  16. 16. AWS Trusted Advisor Demo• Accessed via the Support Center or front page ofthe AWS Management Console–• Support Center includes summary of checks–• Direct link to Trusted Advisor–
  17. 17. Customer StoriesAmit Vora, CTO, HungamaAWS Trusted Advisor helped Hungama save over 12% on our monthly billwith AWS. We will continue leveraging features and checks such as"Underutilized Instances" and "Reserved Instance Recommendations" tokeep optimizing our infrastructure and costs on AWS.Cyrus Durgin, Director of Engineering & Infrastructure, MeteorEntertainmentTrusted Advisor is awesome! Just poked around at the Trusted Advisordashboard and Im really impressed. Another terrific customer-facing serviceto help us understand where our costs are and get a holistic overview ofwhere we can improve cost, security and performance. Very cool!
  18. 18. Enterprise Account TeamEnterpriseSupportTAMSupport TeamSolutionsArchitectAccountManagerDedicated enterpriseengineer for technicalinquiries and escalationsWorks with the TAM to providearchitectural help with projectsand design needsHelps ensure customers arereceiving the best value fromAWS services24x7x365 SupportEngineer Team
  19. 19. AWS Support Center / Trusted Advisor APIs• Announcing the availability of Support Center APIs today– Create and Manage support cases– Integrate case management into your own tools• Announcing the availability of Trusted Advisor APIs today– Poll for best practice updates, opportunities, and reports– Integrate Trusted Advisor data into your ops tools
  20. 20. AWS Enterprise Support• Many great experiences with Enterprise Support• We see our TAMs as extensions to our team• Follow-through with internal AWS teams is great• Weekly (or so) calls with our TAMs allows teams to stay in sync• The “white glove” team at AWSJohn MartinezAdobe Cloud Ops Engineer
  21. 21. AWS Enterprise Support• Creative Cloud launch– TAMs heavily involved in supporting our deployment– Proactively suggested things like ELB pre-warming and S3bucket partitioning– Reacted quickly to account limit changes• Hurricane Sandy– Our TAMs became weather men– Kept us in the loop on what was going on in Virginia– Over-communication was great, especially with something thatcould have had such a large impact on our systems
  22. 22. AWS Support Center API Beta• We love our TAMs, but were wanting more automation• We have hundreds of AWS accounts for our many product teams• Our service support and operations groups have had to managesupport issues on an account-by-account basis• The APIs are allowing us to integrate internal tools
  23. 23. AWS Support Center API Beta
  24. 24. AWS Support Center API Beta
  25. 25. AWS Trusted Advisor API Beta• Still in early testing phase• Plan to use API in conjunction with CloudWatch to manageunused EC2 instances• Plan to use API to present service limits on a per accountbasis within an internal support portal• Lots of other options and use cases TBD• Demo of APIs in action:–
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27. Thank you!