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The Next Big Wave

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Zaheda Bhorat keynote at OSCON 2018: Contributions are an essential part of open source and what sustains us as a community. What is the next wave? How can we all participate, and how can open source projects and mentors prepare well to make the most of the opportunity?

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The Next Big Wave

  1. 1. The Next Big Wave Zaheda Bhorat @zahedab @AWSOpen Amazon Web Services OSCON 2018
  2. 2. Happy 20th Birthday
  3. 3. Hands up!
  4. 4. Has Open Source won?
  5. 5. Headlines Open Source is eating the software world …
  6. 6. OSS is Everywhere Today
  7. 7. OSS is Everywhere Today Agriculture Medical Financial Inclusion Human rights security Space
  8. 8. Courtesy of The Linux Foundation Sources: Sourceclear, Sonatype, Github 78M+ Repositories on GitHub 23M+ Open source developers 41B+ Lines of code 1,100 New projects a day
  9. 9. Has Open Source won?
  10. 10. Reality
  11. 11. Consumption
  12. 12. Contributions ?
  13. 13. A long way to go
  14. 14. Good news ! Opportunity
  15. 15. next wave
  16. 16. Who is it for? Everyone! Enterprise Government Startups
  17. 17. Contribute code and expertise Use Release software
  18. 18. Note to designer: Books and references to content on websites – is it better to do as two slides or one?? I may want to add more books and references over the weeken Karl Fogel Jono Bacon Ibrahim Haddad
  19. 19. Enterprise, government, and startups
  20. 20. What can we do as a community? Projects Documentation To do Lists Housekeeping
  21. 21. Collect your copy AWS Booth 301 Book signing at Thursday 10:30am Download, share and support Content will be available for translations under a CC license
  22. 22. MentorShare Collaborate Contribute
  23. 23. Open Source ... it takes a village
  24. 24. Are you ready?
  25. 25. Thank you! @zahedab @AWSOpen