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Public relations crisis management

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Public relations crisis management

  1. 1. In March of 2015, Blue Bell had announced their first productrecall in 108 years. They recalled the 3oz. chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla cups becauseof “potential contamination” with Listeria monocytogenes. Listeria, is an organism that causes serious and sometimes fatal infections with people that have weakened immune systems, elderly people, and even young children. These individuals may suffer with short-term symptoms such as high fever, nausea, abdominal pain, and a severe headache. This infection can even cause miscarriages and still births for pregnant women. The small ice cream cups were distributed to 23 states. In late march of this year, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment had reported that one patient had tested positive with Listeria monocytogenes from a chocolate cup that they had consumed from a hospital in Wichita, Kansas. Overall, there has been a report of 10 cases with this infection within 4 states and there has been a total of 3 deaths.
  2. 2. Good morning everyone, We are very remorseful by this sudden situation and want to apologize to our customers and admirers. Ever since the beginning, our company has been fully committed to creating the best quality ice cream for our consumers and we are determined to fix this substantial problem. Our ice cream is a well-known favorite to our consumers around the world and it should never be a matter for concern to our customers. We are going to be making improvements to our facilities and make sure everything that what we produce is safe. We are going into investigation at our manufacturing plant in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, to determine the possible problems that may have led to the contamination of our ice cream products. We have contacted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and they will
  3. 3. be conducting an examination of our facilities. We will then look over their findings and make essential arrangements to our operations. We are composing a plan for re-entering 15 of the 23 states where we had first sold our ice cream before the recall. We have shut down our facilities to clean, sanitize, and to retrain our employees. We will be re-entering our products in these fifteen states in five phases due to limited production capacity while generating in one factory. We want to provide information to our consumers on how to tell whether the Blue Bell ice cream product was produced before or after the recall. In order to assure consumers that the products we are reintroducing are new products, we are making changes to our numbering system for code dates on all of the Blue Bell products. There will be a code with six digits at the bottom of each carton and the letter will be taken out and replaced with a three digit number which presents the plant and production line information. The Blue Bell
  4. 4. Corporation regrets what has happened and we are deeply concerned and we send out our sympathy to those who have been affected and to their families. We also want to thank our consumers and our retail customers for being considerate, patient, and devoted during this challenging period of time. I will now be opening floor for questions.