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Amelia Jean Dale
14812 SE Graham Rd Vancouver, WA 98683  (360)798-9992  adale19@msn...
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Amelia Dale Resume

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Amelia Dale Resume

  1. 1. Amelia Jean Dale 14812 SE Graham Rd Vancouver, WA 98683  (360)798-9992  PROFILE Enthusiastic communication specialist accomplished in organizational communication, interpersonal strategies and mass media. Talented public speaker trained in professional communication with an emphasis in corporate, regional and social culture. Relevant work experiences in service learning, leadership and team work, which have fostered skills building collaborative, creative and innovative team climates in fast-paced diverse environments. EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies June 2015 Minor in Sociology Western Washington University: Bellingham, WA o Emphasis in Public Speaking and Professional Communication o Accomplishments: GPA 3.45, Web Development for the Ethnic Student Center o Relevant Course Work: Interpersonal and Organizational Communication, Emerging Communication Technologies, Communication Ethics, Media Studies, News Writing, Social Psychology, Social Stratification Study Abroad: Media Studies Kingston University: London, England December 2013 - May 2014 o Accomplishments: Produced Study Abroad Documentary o Relevant Course Work: International Cultures, Broadcasting and Media Studies RELEVANT SKILLS Organizational Skills  Remained organized in fast-paced retail, office and project environments  Accomplished with Microsoft Outlook and Google Docs  Provided a task-oriented mindset that fostered productive and efficient teamwork settings Interpersonal Skills  Built strong relationships with coworkers by supporting individual needs in order to foster a healthy work atmosphere  Assisted in building stronger team communication with the development of a team communication model Technical Skills  Educated in the use and application of Adobe Photoshop and In Design  Developed personal and professional websites on various media platforms  Experienced with Prezi and creative presentation design APPLIED EXPERIENCE Professional Experience Audigy Group: Vancouver, WA June 2014 - September 2014 Retail Sales Associate Torrid: Vancouver, WA, (seasonal) June 2013 - December 2013 Volunteering Service Share House: Vancouver, WA June 20, 2014; August 1, 2014