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5 Simple Steps to Keeping Your Pet Healthy for the Holidays

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5 veterinary experts weigh in with tips on keeping pets healthy amid the holiday hubbub.

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5 Simple Steps to Keeping Your Pet Healthy for the Holidays

  2. 2. While your beloved pooch doesn’t have to worry about fitting into a holiday dress, high-calorie noshing can be as bad for her figure as it is for yours. Veterinary nutritionist Dr. Dottie Laflamme also notes that feeding from the table can promote unwanted begging behavior.
  3. 3. #2. Avoid Holiday Hazards
  4. 4. Avoid festive touches like tinsel and liquid potpouri around cats — they can seriously harm your cat’s mouth and stomach. HOLIDAYS CAN BE TOXIC FOR PETS.
  5. 5. Chocolate poisoning is one of the most common holiday accidents, says veterinary critical care specialist and toxicologist Dr. Justine Lee. Meanwhile, raisins, grapes, unbaked yeast dough and alcohol are other food hazards.
  6. 6. Veterinary parasitologist Dr. Patricia Payne notes that heartworm transmission CAN’T be accurately predicted, so year- round prevention is recommended. DON’T TAKE A HOLIDAY BREAK FROM HEARTWORM PREVENTION!
  7. 7. #4.Give the gift of ACTIVITY
  8. 8. Pet boredom can lead to behavior issues such as chewing items or barking at passersby. Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Jacqueline Neilson recommends pet gifts like food puzzles and toys to provide both physical and mental activity. AVOID PET BOREDOM!
  9. 9. #5. Make Travel preparations
  10. 10. TRAVEL SAFELY WITH PETS If flying, learn your airline’s requirements. If driving, plan ahead and take pet food, travel bowls, favorite toys and a familiar blanket. Veterinarian Dr. Robert Stannard also cautions against overfeeding during travel, as pets can get carsick.
  11. 11. Have a SAFE and HAPPY holiday!