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American secudata-data-recovery-systems

American SecuData is one professional data recovery services and tools manufacturing for server SAS/SCSI drives, hdds, flash drives, RAID system, etc.

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American secudata-data-recovery-systems

  1. 1. American SecuData SECUDATA provides unique data recovery and security systems andsolutions on how to change the way the information-driven world works!American SecuData, with headquarter and researching center of computerinformation security technology at New Jersey, U.S.A, is an unique comprehensivedata recovery equipment and solution provider combining research, production,marketing, sale, management and training in the America market. AmericanSecuData is always dedicated to providing government agencies, military enterprises,finance companies, justice, education and large enterprises in North America withthe most advanced and professional data recovery equipments, and all-in-oneinformation security and customized solutions. Meanwhile, American SecuData’sproducts have helped multiple global data recovery companies and IT companiesreduce their exposure to risk, gain infinite competitiveness and capitalize on businessopportunities in the fierce competition. In a word, American SecuData will keep yourenterprise remaining invincible all the time.The product system of American SecuData covers the field of data backup, datarecovery, data analysis, data elimination and computer forensics, and containsproducts such as SDII Server Data Recovery System, Video Data Recovery System,High-Intelligence & All-in-One Data Recovery Solution, Server Safeguard & AlarmSystem, etc. Our typical customers also demonstrate our technology strength fromthe other side: FBI, U.S. Department of Justice, NASA, California Institute ofTechnology, Boeing, Wal-Mart, Chevron Corp, American Telephone and TelegraphCo., Microsoft, PetroChina, China National Aviation, McKesson, IBM, GermanyTelecom, Sony, Dell, Motorola, Tokyo Electric Power and etc. They chose us andapplied our equipments and solutions to the subjects of safety precaution anddisaster-tolerant system.
  2. 2. Innovation and intelligent design are most important features of AmericanSecuData’s products. The products are allowed to be promoted to market officiallyunless - it not only combines valuable experience and lessons from hundreds of datarecovery and information security engineers chronically working hard on the frontline, passes the professional argumentation by authoritative professors from HarvardUniversity and Princeton University, but also gets through strict tests by inside qualitycontrol department. In this process, the R&D engineers in American SecuDataintegrate and intelligentize all of the complicated technology, arithmetic as well asconfiguration model for user-friendly design, that is, users are able to detectingproblems, building arithmetic and repairing problems by simply clicking fewfunctional buttons. Moreover, American SecuData pays great attention to specialty ofthe products, thus all of its products can help users solve problems with software-hardware integration comprehensively and independently. High quality supportservice and technical training system are the development focus of AmericanSecuData In the future. We believe that more updates and improvements makesproducts better, and more practices make engineers more delicate and professional.American SecuData owns an efficient marketing team, which always collects andanalyzes products info and technology information from current data recovery andinformation security market, constantly collects feedback and suggestion from users,continually hear and absorb the latest development from partners and relevantindustries. Most important of all, bases on full understanding of the policies andregulations in regards to data recovery and information security all over the world,American SecuData will optimize and synchronize the products and solutions to
  3. 3. market for meeting the customers requirement consequently and lead developmentof data recovery.Development PlanAmerican SecuData is to build an aircraft carrier of information security andimplement data recovery solutions all over the world. American SecuData will alsodevote itself to developing and improving data detection, prevention, backup,recovery and elimination technologies, and providing all kinds of industries withcustomized information security management and control solutions. We will not onlyexpand current marketing share of HDD, electronic solid state disk, flash disk, flashstorage card, HDD of server, storage card of mobile phone, and other storagecarriers, but also sharpen our skills in relevant training fields. Marketing andinnovation are our everlasting development foundation!Core ValuesOur core values are deeply rooted in every aspect of our business. They are theinternal driving force for the company and our commitments to the customers. Thesevalues enable us to provide effective services to our customers and to achieve ourvision of “protect your digital world against data loss".Hard Drive Recovery | Laptop Recovery | Desktop Recovery | Server Recovery | RAIDRecovery | Operating System Recovery | Tape Recovery | Email Recovery | File Recovery |Photo Recovery | Mobile Device Recovery | Encrypted Data Recovery | Database Recovery