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Amin deroui - why it's an important aspect of hotel success

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Focussing on managing the processes that produce or deliver goods and services, hotel management and operations is at the heart of productive and profitable accommodation businesses.

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Amin deroui - why it's an important aspect of hotel success

  1. 1. Amin Deroui - Why It's An Important Aspect Of Hotel Success Focussing on managing the processes that produce or deliver goods and services, hotel management and operations is at the heart of productive and profitable accommodation businesses. With operations management affecting the entire hotel, including the size, quantity, quality, price, profitability and speed of the delivery of services, it is essential that industry leading management processes are embedded within hotel management. As a function, hotel operations management has changed significantly in recent years, in response to advancing technologies; many of which are core to the experience of guests and visitors. Additionally, new concepts such as Total Quality Management and the attainment of national and international awards which serve as benchmarks for the quality of hotel offerings, have greatly affected the management and operations of hotels. One of the fundamental differences between the hotel industry and other industries is that the operation systems have an immediate and direct impact upon the customer. Therefore, hotel operations need to be designed, implemented and managed in an approach which places the customer at the centre of managerial efforts; all the systems and initiatives must be designed to provide goods and services where the customer requires them and in response to customer needs. As noted earlier, advancing technologies in both hardware and software, have provided hotel management with invaluable tools that streamline the operations of the hotel, as well as enable to better satisfy the needs of their customers. Information communication technology has become an integral component of nearly all commercial and other enterprises.
  2. 2. Providing a wide range of benefits to a hotel, across a wide range of activities, information communication technologies have impacted upon the area of hotel management and operations in the following areas: - Information storage capacity - Processing of large amount of information - Immediate access to data with advanced search functionality - Instant response to customer queries - Real time information on stock, customers, reservations and hotel performance - Access to data from a variety of onsite and offsite locations - Reduced staff and administration expenses At the centre of any business, and its performance, are the managerial and operational procedures and policies which are in place. The more adaptable and systemised these systems are in the business environment, the better the enterprise is able to satisfy consumer demand, respond to trends in the operational environment and increase their bottom line profit results. However, like all businesses within the hospitality and tourism industries, the approach to operations and management are unique to the industry; requiring specialist who have experience and knowledge of implementing tried and tested approaches and innovative hotel management and operation systems that can produce immediate and positive results for your hotel. Managing the Quality Today many people have an aim to become hotel managers. People with this goal are aware of all the perks that hotel management has to offer. Good salaries, health insurance, leadership, discounts etc. are some of the benefits of becoming a hotel manager. But to pursue a life long career in this industry; you have to be good at managing hotels. If you do not have the ability to manage a hotel effectively and efficiently; you will never be able to work for one particular hotel for a very long time period. To effectively and efficiently manage a hotel; you have to enroll into hotel management certification courses. With the help of the hotel management certification courses you can pursue a career in this filed. An important aspect of managing hotels is quality management and to learn about quality management you should study in hotel management certification courses. Quality is the top most priority of every company because people prefer quality over quantity. In the same way; great preference is given to quality in managing a hotel.
  3. 3. Consumers of hotel want to have quality food, quality comfort, quality rooms and quality service providers. They even do not want to compromise on the quality of the internet that the hotel is offering during the stay period. If you do not have proper knowledge of managing quality of a hotel; you might not be employed in any hotel for a long period of time. Hotel directors and CEO will fire you because they do not want to compromise the popularity of the hotel. A waiter or a cook will never be blamed for low quality food, a sweeper or peon will never be blamed for low quality maintenance, the janitor and electrician will never be blamed for low quality comfort. For all these blames a manager will be held responsible because people visiting a hotel are directly in contact with him and expect him to look after all their issues and the manager has to assure that consumers are satisfied with the quality. To become a manager you have to undergo hotel management certification training. Through these courses you will learn about setting quality standards that you want the hotel to achieve. These quality standards are similar to the quality services promised to a client. After the standards are set; you have to make sure that the standards are met. You will also learn about different techniques of dealing with clients and workers.