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Strategic consulting services

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Exclusive and Cost Effective Strategic services every business can benefit from.

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Strategic consulting services

  1. 1. Amit Gupte Green Ocean Strategic Consulting STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONSULTING Winning Hearts and Deals..
  2. 2. Improvising knowhow for the past 19 years and delivering results in Business Strategy, Sales & Customer Service Growth. I am passionate about business turnarounds based on unique yet holistic Business Management principles. My strengths come from significant amount of experience in the Business Transformation and Support projects. As a go-getter professional, I am responsible for the growth of your business, seamlessly recreating the foundations for Leadership and continuity. With project cycles finishing off in mere 25 – 30 days, it’s a Win-Win for all the customers. What about me, that you should know?
  4. 4. Customer Service Intelligence “Strategy is at the core of everything I do. I merge vision with business acumen to produce work which provokes thoughts, and inspires actions. By starting every project with an understanding of you, your company and audience, I deliver solutions that create SMART lasting impact.” Services you can rely on Strategic Research Analysis Process Improvement Consulting Marketing Strategy Strategic Resourcing Customer Service Training
  5. 5. What do my ‘Partners-in-Success’ accomplish:  Clear Understanding of the ‘REAL’ Challenges  Market Potential  Value Sell Landscape  Identify the right Short and Long-term Value propositions  Cost reduction strategies  Skill Mapping internal to the organisation  Customer centric Awareness  Ideas to sell better “No matter the size, scale or exposure, I am enthusiastic and motivated about every project I deliver. My work has been recognized, highlighting the high standard of work I consistently deliver to my clients.” ============= =============
  6. 6. Focusing on the Not So Critical areas early in the process - during the assessment of a company’s transformation -correlates strongly with bigger successes – McKinsey & Co.
  7. 7. A road called Experience:  Helped an overseas IT company in addressing growth challenges  Enabled growth drivers for a Jewelry manufacturer  Provided Scalable Growth strategies for a Retail Jewelry company  Consulted a Financial broking house on IT services  Provided Analysis and Marketing Strategy for a Food item supplier  Consulted a Travel and Tourism operator on achieving their targets for 2020  Consulted a plastic wedges manufacturer on pricing challenges in the industry  Consulted many entrepreneurs on achieving differentiation in the market through research  Marketing strategies for an overseas apartment hotel’s turnaround  Marketing strategies for an upcoming HR consulting company  Proof Of Concept for one of the oldest and most profitable district co-op bank on Customer Service Intelligence  Customer Service Excellence training to 600 people from the district co-op bank  Marketing strategies for a Taxi Service Aggregator startup  Social Media Marketing for an HR consulting and also a Public figure in politics
  9. 9. Revising Targets Revisiting PotentialCase study I Client Genre: Travel Industry Client’s Challenge: Not able to achieve desired revenues and scalability Action: A very deep, insightful analysis of the entire business and the domain. Measured plans and activities undertaken. Research Performance metrics, Strategies and revised Target achieving model Client’s Benefit: Saw business in a completely new light Enabled cost reduction processes Sales plans giving returns as expected Scope for new investments and diversification planned Healthy revenues Improved work-life balance
  10. 10. Overcoming Poor Growth Challenge Client Genre: Information Technology Industry Client’s Challenge: Poor sales despite good marketing, lower margins Action: Business analysis and domain expectation simulation Enabled Unique strategies for marketing and sales Changes to marketing collaterals and approach Creating Employee skill framework Strategies for creating models for better pricing Client’s Benefit: Freed from competition focused business model Able to scale higher with partner principals Providing services that help get brand value Able to generate better revenues from smaller clients Pursue some social work that was long desired Case study II
  11. 11. Low Margins Late Payment Cycles Client Genre: Jewellery Industry Client’s Challenge: Unable to scale up due to being caught in poor payment cycles Action: Research and Business model tweaking New strategies to manage better cash flows Mentoring Developing a new business model to help address late payments Strategies for getting premium pricing for products sold Client’s Benefit: Customer converted into a partner Better cash flows allowing better planning Planned diversification in process Better social life for the owner Differentiated business from the rat race Case study III
  12. 12. A Cut Above The Rest Client Genre: Jewelry Industry Client’s Challenge: Tough competitive environment, lower customer base Action: Research on existing trends Gap analysis and mapping strengths Strategies to offer products on the shelf in a highly unique way Mentoring Client’s Benefit: Better footfall on the stores Long term investment giving returns Able to scale up the production cycles Higher visibility in the customer psyche Differentiation in the market Case study IV
  13. 13. From Low to High Client Genre: Hospitality Industry Client’s Challenge: Low sales, competitive pressures, brand management Action: Business analysis Market studies Strategies on client acquisition, retention, pricings Risk management plan Client’s Benefit: New confidence in self Actioned out process changes Looking to scale up the business Diversification in sight Case study V
  14. 14. Impressing the Customers Client Genre: Banking Industry Client’s Challenge: Losing customers to competition, Low Productivity, Revenue Losses Action: Business analysis Benchmarking studies Strategies on achieving client happiness & growth Training and Process Improvisation Plan Client’s Benefit: Tangible solution to implement Realisation of new areas to promote brand awareness Better Client Retention in sight * This was a Pilot project Case study VI
  15. 15. Testimonials
  16. 16. Let’s talk: Email: HP: +91 99699 79610 / 86930 07655 Skype: amitg2013