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Timber floor

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Timber floor

  1. 1. TIMBER FLOORINGAsst. Prof Amruta KhairnarVPSOA
  2. 2. T ypes of floors 1. 2. Timber floor Composite floor
  3. 3. T imber flooring • Basement or Ground floor of timber. • Single Joist timber beam. • Double Joist timber beam. • Framed triple joist timber floor.
  4. 4. Basement / ground floor of timber 1 Auditorium – dances and dramas. Filling of selected earth wall Bridging joists Floor Boards F.L.D.P.C. 1.2 to 1.8mG.L. Wall plates Sleeper wall 10 to 15 mm Cement course
  5. 5. Precautions • Soil below timber floor – covered with PCC 1:2:4 (100 to 150 mm thk). • DPC – exterior wall + top of the sleeper wall. • Well seasoned timber is used. • Hollow space between bottom of concrete and floor level is filled up with selected earth.
  6. 6. S i n g l e j o i s t t i m b e r f l o o rs 2 c Joist Span (below 3m) Strutting a b PLAN
  7. 7. D e ta i l a t c ’ Air space Floor boards Joist Wall Wall plate Ceiling
  8. 8. Section on ab Joist Wedges Floor boards 300 – 400 mm Herring bone strutting
  9. 9. D o u b l e j o i s t t i m b e r f l o o rs 3 1.8m to 2.4m3.6 to 7.5m 300mm Binders Bridging joist @ 300 mm c/c PLAN
  10. 10. Methods of fixing binders with joists Floor boards Notched joint Bridging Joist Bridging JoistCogged Binders Joint Fillet
  11. 11. D i s a d va n ta g e sThe weight of the floor isthrown on the few points onthe wall.Depth of the floor is increased by useof binders and accordingly, the Bridging Joistheight of the room is decreased. Binders
  12. 12. Fr a m e d o r t r i p l e j o i s t t i m b e r f l o o r s 4 Bridging joist BindersMore than 7.5m 3m Girders PLAN
  13. 13. D e ta i l s o f f r a m e d t i m b e r f l o o r s Floor boards Bridging joists Furring piece Girders Binder Binder Ceiling Tusk and tenon joint Ceiling joist
  14. 14. Single joist Double joist Triple joist (framed) 3.6 to 7.5m More than 7.5m Below 3 m Bridging joist StruttingJoist Bridging joist 1.8m to 2.4m Binders Girder Binder
  15. 15. Floor boards : Pugging:• @ top of the bridging joist • In order to make timber floor sound proof.• Width : 100 – 200mm • Pugging plaster – mixture of chopped• Thk : 20 – 40mm straw & mortar.• When subjected to heavy • Insulated boards are supported on fillets. traffic - thk: 60- 80mm Floor ceiling : Bridging joists • Underside of the floor, improve appearance. Fillets • Plaster boards, asbestos cement sheets. Insulating boards • Rest on the bridging joists / binders.