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Heather Graves Testimonial

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Heather Graves Testimonial

  1. 1. ------ ForwardedMessage From: "Graves,Heather" Date: Thu, 2 Apr2015 18:33:42 +0000 To: Tracy Hill Subject:RE: Reviewof AmyTerrell Good afternoonTracy, First andforemostI have to say that I love thatI am beingasked regardingmyexperience withAmyTerrell andUSLendingCorp.Amywas amazingto me since the momentthatI contactedher. WhenI foundmyhome;I hadalreadybegunworkingwithanotherbank. It tookthemtwo weekstogetme a “prequalificationletter”whichwasnotwhatwas requiredforme to place my bidonmy home.I contactedAmy(froma referral) andshe immediatelystartedworkingonmy file.Itwasveryclearcut whatshe neededfromme – infact I wenthome onmy lunchhour and returnedthe informationtoherthatafternoon.She hadmy“preapproval letter”laterthatday.I was able to place mybid – whichwasbeingconsideredbyanothercouple aswell..sotimewasof the essence.Fromthatmomentitwas day in dayout contact withher.I am a VERY impatientperson,and she was absolutelyamazingwithme.She answeredall of myquestionsimmediatelyandkeptme inthe loopas to where the processwas(thiswasmy firsttime goingthrougha mortgage process,anditis stressful!) andkeptme updatedwithanynews.There are notenoughkindwordsinthe dictionaryto explainherwillingnesstoworkwithme andher professional nature.The daythatshe emailedandtold me that my mortgage wasapprovedI feltasif it was a friendemailingtocongratulate me.Ihadan amazingexperience withthe company,andIwill be sendinganyone lookingfora lenderherway. ~ I will sendapicture of me and the newhouse,andI wouldbe honoredtohave my name andcity i n hermarketingmaterials. Sincerely, HeatherGraves