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mPortal The Future of Connected Devices_DP Venkatesh

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mPortal Inc offers a mobile discovery solution aimed at simplifying the discovery and download of content and applications on connected devices such as mobiles, tablets and smart TVs. mPortal's SPRINGBOARD platform for connected devices that spans both feature and smart mobile phones facilitates search, discovery, purchase and download of mobile content and applications for all stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem including Operators, Content Providers, Advertisers, App developers and Handset Manufacturers. Its solution enables the generation of higher ARPU through increased and need-driven uptake of mobile data, both directly as well as via third party App stores. The mPortal platform has successfully uncovered unique monetization opportunities to many of mPortal's global customers, showing significant increases in their VAS revenues.
mPortal’s platform is also capable of residing on both feature phone and smart phone home screen with minimal memory impact. It is OS agnostic, independent of CDMA / GSM formats and runs on MediaTek, Qualcomm, Windows, Apple, Blackberry and Android phones. The SPRINGBOARD platform is provided as a cloud based managed service leveraging the Amazon Cloud Infrastructure globally. Sophisticated metrics and device analytics provide intelligence on the device’s usage, VAS consumption and pain points, which help in refining the business strategy of operators, handset makers and content providers.

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mPortal The Future of Connected Devices_DP Venkatesh

  1. 1. The Future of Connected Devices What’s next after App Stores? DP Venkatesh CEO, mPortal Inc dp @  
  2. 2. The Connected ExperienceIn 2011 and beyond, Networks, Devices and Content all Come Together U.S. 4G Networks will garner Tablets will be a 30 million consumers by mid-2012   $45 billion market by 2014   2014 2G 120 M 3G 4G 2010 2012 $32.5 B $45.9 B 130 M 30 M $15.6 BGlobal enterprise cloud revenue will Smartphone app revenue will more exceed $22 billion by 2014   than triple between 2011 and 2014   2012 2014 2014 2012 $15.4 B $22.4 B 2010 $26.5 B 2010 $5.1 B $12.8 B $9.2 B Source : Analsys Mason; mPortal Analysis
  3. 3. This Transition Will Be The Biggest Ever Some early evidence is already here Explosion of Android   Tablets, Tablets - Everywhere  Growth of Amazon and Rise of Smart TVs and Other Cloud Players   Console Devices  
  4. 4. This is a Global Phenomenon The next 3 years will see explosive connected device growth globally Developed Economies Emerging MarketsPhones Basic  Feature  Smart Phone Basic  Feature  Smart PhoneTablets iPad  Android  Other Android TabletsTV TV s  Smart TVs TV s  Interactive TVsNetworks 3G  4G 2G  3G  4GContent/Apps Video, Music, Social Networking, Video, Music, Enterprise, Social Entertainment, Messaging Networking, MessagingCloud Services Slow - Medium Adoption Fast Adoption •  ubiquitous connectivity •  incredible opportunity for •  over 100% penetration of creating next gen business certain connected devices models
  5. 5. Balance of Power is Shifting Towards the Consumer Providers that capitalize on connected user experience will win Consumers Telecom & Cable Providers Infrastructure Over-the-Top Providers & Content Providers Software Device OEMs Vendors & OS Providers Connected User Experience becomes the differentiator
  6. 6. Major Players are jockeying for position Other   DevicesOS PlatformsCloud ServicesContent / AppsOther Services
  7. 7. There is a significant demand for cross platform capabilities Other   Service Providers / App Publishers / Media Companies / Enterprises DevicesOS Platforms There is a significant need in theCloud Services marketplace for enabling content / apps and other services across the various devices,Content / Apps networks and OS platforms.Other Services
  8. 8. India’s internet users will increase 5-fold by 2015 with 75% choosing mobile access Share of Internet Use by Channel in India 100%, millions of users = 81 450 21 PC Only 76 38 PC & Mobile 14 41 Mobile Only 10 2010 2015t t Projected Penetration, % of total population 7% 35%Source: 2010 McKinsey digital consumer survey; mPortal Analysis
  9. 9. The lines between Access, Devices, and Services are starting to overlapIndia Digital Market Size 2010: $65 billion market 2015: $116 billion opportunityAccess Access Services Services $31 $44 billion $12 billion $36 billion billion $22 $36 billion billion Devices Devices Sources: BCG Telecom Regulatory of India; mPortal analysis
  10. 10. While feature phones will continue to be relevant, the real money is in high end subscribers Source : Analsys Mason; mPortal Analysis
  11. 11. What does this mean ? Over the next few years……..•  Operators –  Would attempt bundling of devices –  Get more value out of services and focus on ARPU increases thru higher VAS discovery•  Device Manufacturers –  Would like to get into services as a differentiator and an added revenue stream•  Services –  Content leaders would explore bundled handsets with easy access to their content to enhance discovery away from their traditional delivery channels
  12. 12. mPortal enables its customers to createconnected experiences across multiple platforms Device specific Software Platform that supports multiple connected devices and enables easy creation of end user experiences mPortal SPRINGBOARDTM Cloud based Software Platform Managed Service   and Infrastructure provided globally as a managed services business APIs and Platform access for ecosystem partners to connect to pre-packaged content/apps and custom connectors easily 11  
  13. 13. mPortal’s SPRINGBOARDTM Platform has powered several leading Mobile / Cable Operators / Media Companies globally Market Proven Multiple Platforms Software on the Device Software on the ServerSPRINGBOARDTM   Platform Infrastructure Toolkits OOTB Services Custom Services Integration & Implementation Srv. 12  
  14. 14. Case Study: Services innovation in India today •  Embedded Home screen solution with Widget Platform •  Voice / SMS or Data services •  Solves the problem of DISCOVERY of mobile VAS
  15. 15. Thank You DP Venkatesh PG Ponnapa CEO, mPortal Inc CEO, Emerging Marketsdp @ Ponnapa.PG @