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►TOP 13 • Blockchain Use Cases

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We have heard about blockchain technology.
But, do we really know what its use is in the real world?
Here we tell you with 13 blockchain use cases!

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►TOP 13 • Blockchain Use Cases

  1. 1. BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES TOP 13 Blockchain Applications chainGO
  3. 3. Bitcoin is a crypto currency. This means that it is a decentralized electronic currency (not controlled by any central bank). The main advantages here of blockchain technology are: security, efficiency and ease of exchange. Bitcoin and the other crypto currencies are just some examples of blockchain applications. BITCOIN, CRYPTO & BLOCKCHAIN A BRIEF REVIEW... chainGO
  4. 4. So, what is Blockchain? Blockchain is a technology that utilizes a distributed, not centralized, database structure. Therefore, acting like a digital notary, it records all transaction in linear order in an immutable and secure way. Some advantages offered by blockchain technology are: verified transactions, transparency and timestamp of events. A BRIEF REVIEW... chainGO
  5. 5. MAIN ADVANTAGES +200 surveys made sectors: banking, fintech, industrial and corporate According to companies that already use blockchain technology Source: Cointelegraph A BRIEF REVIEW...chainGO
  8. 8. HEALTH TECH As patients move between providers, their data becomes scattered across different organizations, losing easy access to past records. As a result, patients face obstacles in viewing their reports, correcting erroneous data, and distributing information. MedRec�is a system that prioritizes patient agency, gives a transparent and accessible view of medical history. 1 TOP 13 BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES
  9. 9. INSUR TECH Multi-country insurance programs are complex to establish and manage. Country-specific contracts ensure a continuous flow of information between customers and headquarters, through e-mails, paper and phone calls. Legal terms are common and each multinational program has to be adapted to the preferences of the insured in a flexible way over time. AIG, together with IBM, uses blockchain technology to improve the certainty and pace of contracts, immediate access to policy and payment status, privacy, etc. All of this to speed up the administration of the programs and increase the transparency of the policies. 2 TOP 13 BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES
  10. 10. VOTING The current system of public voting is made possible by the participation of many people in charge of tasks such as vote counting, polling station officials, etc. In addition, it is a traditional system that still uses math as voting cards, stamps, pens, etc. And although online voting already exists, it cannot be established as a default system. Since it has a series of risks and uncertainty in the control of the process. Horizon State is one of the companies that has decided to create a system based on blockchain technology, which ensures that the votes of each individual are made effective thanks to a verification system that lacks the need to even know the identity of the voter. 3 TOP 13 BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES
  11. 11. 4 FIN TECH As a result of an increasingly interconnected world, money transfers between borders are becoming increasingly opaque, late and expensive. A problem that is gradually growing. According to McKinsey, these global payments account for about 20% of total transactions. But if cross-border fees were to be reduced, the banking sector could lose +$200 billion, and so they do not offer a solution to this problem (despite the pressure to the industry). Ripple is a network where institutions (such as banks and companies) use solutions (provided by Ripple) to provide an easier, faster and cheaper way to send money globally. Ripple also has its own crypto-currency (XRP). TOP 13 BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES
  12. 12. LUXURY Tracr is a platform that proves the origin and authenticity of diamonds. Thus, at the mine, diamonds are scanned and tracked until they reach the point of sale, and this data is entered into the platform. 5 TOP 13 BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES
  13. 13. LEGAL TECH According to Finra, there are +2000 new arbitration cases per year, and +4000 that remain open. These take +1 year to resolve and can cost up to over $100,000. Juris is one of the blockchain solutions that have emerged to provide smart contracts that minimize the possibility of disputes arising. And if they do arise, the jury of arbitrators is randomly selected from a database and will rely on the terms of the smart contract to make decisions. This way, in the event of a judgment, payment is faster and cheaper. 6 TOP 13 BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES
  14. 14. TOURISM & HOTELS The tourism and hotel industry is looking to implement identification systems based on blockchain technology. These will facilitate check-in at hotels and airports in order to streamline processes and provide greater control and privacy over customer data. Tui Group currently has a private blockchain platform with which it manages all its real estate assets and internal processes. They are also working with IBM to develop another public blockchain platform for hotel distribution. 7 TOP 13 BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES
  15. 15. RENEWABLE ENERGY The use of blockchain technology will lead to lower utility bill costs in the industry and lower transaction costs for gas and electricity. Energy devices (such as water heaters, batteries or electric vehicles) will have the opportunity to communicate with the grid operator. In this way, access to the use of renewable energies will also be accessible to those who, for economic reasons, do not use them today. ME SOLShare is one of the new blockchain startups that brings some of these advantages. Because, its objective is to connect homes with solar panels through a micro community network. They use a bi-directional DC electricity meter (SOLBox), with which each person can access community commerce (all SOLBoxes interact with each other). 9 TOP 13 BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES
  16. 16. ADVISORY . 8 Source: Cointelegraph TOP 13 BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES
  17. 17. JOURNALISM The journalism and media industry currently has centralized institutions, with which much of the published content is censored and there is also a large amount of low-quality content. PubliQ aims to eliminate this censorship, allowing the free creation, selection and evaluation of content. In this way, authors and readers are part of a totally secure and impartial environment of trust. 10 TOP 13 BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES
  18. 18. REAL ESTATE The transactions usually carried out by Commercial Real Estate brokers are characterized by high costs, manual work and the use of outdated technology. Arex offers a platform that allows these transactions to be carried out in a faster, safer and cheaper way. Therefore, thanks to the use that Arex makes of the latest technologies (such as blockchain), it's able to provide all these advantages from the same software. 11 TOP 13 BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES
  19. 19. SUPPLY CHAIN One of the problems faced by the food industry is the slowness to act when there is a case of foodborne disease. When this happens, it takes days or even weeks to find the source of the problem. Therefore, if greater traceability were achieved, companies could act more quickly and more lives would be saved. To this end, Walmart has created, with IBM as its technological partner, a system based on Hyperledger Fabric, with which several foods from different suppliers are already traced. 12 FOOD TRACEABILITY TOP 13 BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES
  20. 20. LOGISTICS Due to the large number of agents involved in the value chain of a freight transportation process, the logistics industry continues presenting multiple problems: The visibility of the process is very low, so it is very difficult to ensure that all of them are acting appropriately. And this increases the risk of fraud, too. This also creates problems of bureaucracy and inefficient communication, as all actors are responsible for producing and sharing different documents. And communication between them is done through e-mails and phone calls. And all this ends up creating problems of late deliveries, missed deadlines, loss of goods and extra costs and penalties. 13 TOP 13 BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES
  21. 21. USE CASE 1 ChainGO Freight is an innovative�software�in which�loaders and logistics companies (intermodal) share and manage all the documentation and information needed in a freight transportation process, in a more agile, fast and secure way. Guaranteeing complete traceability between the different agents in a Blockchain environment, thus generating a more efficient�supply chain. 13 USE CASE 2 Maersk has set up a Blockchain network (TradeLens) with IBM with the aim of improving transparency and visibility in a maritime freight transport process. This provides shipping companies, port terminals, customs authorities, etc. with real-time access to shipping data and shipping documents. LOGISTICS TOP 13 BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES
  22. 22. @ChainGOTech ChainGO Tech