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Why should a business go agile?

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Animated slideshow to demonstrate the benefits of agility from a business perspective. Feel free to download and run in PowerPoint to see the animation.

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Why should a business go agile?

  1. 1. Why go Agile?The Business Perspective
  2. 2. First things first• Waterfall projects are Plan driven• Agile projects are Value driven• Waterfall planning is all up front• Agile planning is continuous• In either case, the goal is to get TESTEDFEATURES into users hands• Tested Features = Value*There’s more to it that this, but not for this discussion
  3. 3. Consider a Project...TestedFeaturesTimeThe GoalValue
  4. 4. Go with the PlanTimeAnalyze Design BuildValueRisk
  5. 5. Another approachTimeValue
  6. 6. Show me the moneyTime$ROI = $5M - $4M / $4M= 25%ROI = $3M - $2M / $2M= 50%Value$4M?$5MWhat’s the Net Present Value of each approach?
  7. 7. Show me the moneyTime$ROI = $5M - $4M / $4M= 25%ROI = $3M - $2M / $2M= 50%Value$4M$5MWhat’s the Net Present Value of each approach?
  8. 8. Show me the moneyROI = $5M - $4M / $4M= 25%ROI = $3M - $2M / $2M= 50%Agile WaterfallWhich gets you fired?Pick oneWhich has you keep your job?Which gets you promoted?