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161 things Pitch Deck

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Pitch deck of a mobile app that I wanted to create

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161 things Pitch Deck

  1. 1. 161THINGS New way of sharing your checklist for college tradition
  2. 2. •71. Take an unplanned nap in a library •4. Go to the Cornell-Harvard men’s hockey game and throw fish on the ice •159. Tell a professor what you really think of his/her class
  3. 3. OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICE Checklist Comment Share/Search
  5. 5. TARGET CUSTOMERS College Students Young Professionals Engaged Couples Family Members
  6. 6. * Source URL : COST & BENEFIT • Price advantage • $0.99 one-time fee • Social Feature • Users can comment on their experience • Pre-loaded checklists • Have already loaded checklists for college tradition and general engagement procedure To-Do List for Iphone Price Sharing Feature 2Do $6.99 Toodledo $2.99 List Master $4.99 A Check List $0.99 Evernote $4.99/mon X Couple $0 X SharedTradition $0.99 X
  8. 8. COMPETITORS/OBSTACLES • Severe competition from other hundreds of apps in the iTunes Store • Young team • Need initial investment on marketing research
  9. 9. NEXT STEPS Track use of SharedTradition Understand Customers Improve the mobile app
  10. 10. CONTACT INFORMATION • Anqi Guo, SharedTradition Business Development Associate • Thank you!