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Yoga: A Basic Understanding

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Anirudh Pulugurtha.

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Yoga: A Basic Understanding

  1. Yoga A Basic Understanding… Anirudh Pulugurtha 1
  2. In today’s world, most of the people think that Yogameans rigorous physical exercises beyond humancapability.But Yoga is a perfect blend of physical and mentalpractices which purifies one’s intellect and inturnleads to Spiritual Consciousness.Believe, it’s the surest, Ancient Indian Way torealize the Divine. Anirudh Pulugurtha 2
  3. The objective of this subject, beyond the grasp of science is ‘to create a unionbetween YOU and the GOD’…**Here ‘YOU’ refers not your body… Anirudh Pulugurtha 3
  4. Types of Yoga Bhakti YogaKarma Yoga Raja Yoga Jnana Yoga Hatha Yoga Anirudh Pulugurtha 4
  5. Hatha caYoga It is the physical dimension of Yoga Philosophy… In order to attain God, one has to cleanse their Mind & Body… It enables a soul to have a perfect hold on the body… Hatha Yoga, if practiced thoroughly, can cure or prevent any disease/ ailments including Cancer… Anirudh Pulugurtha 5
  6. Karma YogaThe whole essence of Bhagavad Gita preaches Karma Yoga…It is the Yoga of Action…Crux: Do Good & Be Good… Do Your Job With CompleteDedication & Don’t Expect Anything In Return… DedicateEntire Work To The Supreme Being,The God… Anirudh Pulugurtha 6
  7. Bhakti YogaIt is the Yoga of Devotion…CRUX: Here one makes a strong bond with theGod… After a certain stage, his intensitycrystallizes the image of God… At this stage, theperson can touch, feel and experience theSupreme Being… Tears of Joy out of compassion& ecstasy is experienced at the highest state…**Practicing this technique without the guidanceof a qualified Guru can lead to Hallucinations… Ifunder proper guidance, the devotee experienceshigher spiritual truths… Anirudh Pulugurtha 7
  8. Jnana Yoga It is the Yoga of True Knowledge… One experiences the highest spiritual consciousness through acquiring knowledge… CRUX: Here the person has to gather immense Discrimination Capability… One has to know ‘What Is & What Is Not’… The person stops believing in materialistic sense and concentrates on the reality, the soul, The Atman/ Brahman… Anirudh Pulugurtha 8
  9. It is the Yoga of Mind Control…Raja CRUX: One experiences theYoga intensity of highest spiritual consciousness by controlling the mind… Also called as Ashtanga Yoga (8 Limbs Yoga)… Stages: 1. Yama : Universal Morality 2. Niyama : Personal Observances 3. Asanas : Body Postures 4. Pranayama : Breathing Exercises 5. Pratyahara : Control of the Senses 6. Dharana : Concentration 7. Dhyana : Meditation on the Divine 8. Samadhi : Union with the Divine Anirudh Pulugurtha 9
  10. Perfectionists: Mother Teresa (Karma Yoga) Ramakrishna Maha Avatar Babaji Paramahamsa (Kriya Yoga) (Bhakti Yoga) Ramana Maharshi Swami Vivekananda (Jnana Yoga) (Jnana Yoga) BKS Iyengar Lahiri Mahasaya (Hatha Yoga) (Kriya Yoga) Anirudh Pulugurtha 10
  11. One can follow either of the above 4 Yogas alongwith Hatha Yoga...(Preferably in the guidance of a GURU)…Let The Ancient Indian Yogic Science Fill Your HeartFull Of Compassion, Joy, Purity, Unselfishness andLove… Urs Anirudh Pulugurtha Anirudh Pulugurtha 11