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Homosexual casework intervention

  1. Homosexual Casework Intervention Presented to: Dr. C. Sathish Department of Social Work Pondicherry University Presented by: Mohd Anjum Afroz MSW 1st Year +91 9718269166 
  2. Contents to discuss Introduction - Definition of homosexual - Status around the globe - Problem: Social & Legal Casework (intercept only) IPC section 377 What to do as a Caseworker Conclusion Bibliography/Reference
  3. INTRODUCTION Definition of Homosexuality  According to Merriam-Webster dictionary is sexual or the tendency to direct sexual desire towards another of the same sex is the quality of being homosexual. The term “Homosexuality” was coined by German Psychologist Karoli Maria Bankert.
  4. INTRODUCTION Religious definition of Homosexuality:  According to Church of Jesus Christ: Erotic thoughts, Feelings and behavior towards a person of same sex is Homosexuality.  Homosexuality is abnormal and harmful to the human beings, and finally destroy foundation of civilization According to Islam:  According to Hadith, When man lies above another man or woman lies on another women, Even Allah’s throne will be shocked.  It is unforgiving and liable to death penalty in Islamic Law
  5. INTRODUCTION According to Hinduism:  Unnatural practice, Social Evil. Liable to be cursed. No specific penalty. Religious definition of Homosexuality:
  6. …But good news is That is Every Religion says: “Hate the sin, not the sinners” There is a ray of hope There is a Social Work Scope
  7. Status around the globe Persecution, Recognition, Protection
  8. Status around the globe Crime and Punishment
  9. CASE STUDIES Main concern noted from several case studies with Homosexual My very sweet, loving and caring mother pushed out me from our home? Is this my fault to take birth in her womb? Then why she behaved in that way? People behave with aggression which makes me scary to go out for personal needs. Am I not a citizen of this country? I love my partner utmost and worried about him. I want to transfer my property on his name. But legal process is not accepting his name. Why they are not understanding me?
  10. Problems faced by Homosexuals Social & Legal Problems Social Problem: Emotional Imbalances. Rejection by family members and society. Isolation: No freedom in public space. Identity & Dignity Crisis. Physical Violence by public and police. Legal Problem:  Law see as a criminal.  Imprisonment varies up to life or death penalty.  Living in fear.
  11. IPC section 377 Indian Penal Code was written by Lord Macauly in 1860.  Prescribed a set of laws and morals upon Indian Society.  Section 377 was written to punish sexual immorality in India.  It states that “Unnatural Offences. Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to 10 years and shall also be liable to fine”. What law says !!!
  12. IPC section 377: Remove to give relief  Naz foundation founded by Anjali Goplan filed a petition against section 377 in 2001.  After several dismissal, The Delhi High Court gives verdict and legalize gay sex among consenting adults.  Since then several religious organization, prominent leader and Centre itself challenged the verdict saying it as “ immoral & Unnatural activity”. Current Scenario in India
  13. Role of Caseworker 1.Evaluate personal feelings, attitude and beliefs about homosexual. 2.Accept the homosexual client as a member of an oppressed minority, not as a pathological entity. 3.Become familiar with the homosexual community in your area. 4.Become educated about homosexuality, don’t believe myths and stereotypes. 5.Act as an advocate for the homosexual and help other to become better educated about homosexuality. A guide to providing services to homosexual clients:
  14. Role of Caseworker (…Continued) 6.Know resources within the homosexual community provide a support system for homosexual clients. 7.Be aware that homosexual clients may not totally accept their sexuality and may have difficulty synthesizing their sexuality with religion and social attitude. 8.Realize that homosexual individual or couple with problems is like any individual or couple and may need appropriate counseling or other services. A guide to providing services to homosexual clients:
  15. Conclusion Professional Ethics Vs Religious Value  According to N.A.S.W. code of ethics, Primary obligation is to “ the welfare of the individual or group served, which include action for improving social conditions.  Social worker should try to minimize pervasive hatred, suppress the ignorance and eradicate the myths regarding homosexuals. 
  16. References  Lindsay, Trever; Social Casework Intervention; Sage Publication, California.  Byrads, A. Dean; Homosexuality and the Church of Jesus; Cedar Fort, USA. Hendrick, Clyde; Close Relationship: A Sourcebook, Sage Publication, San Francisco.  The Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare; Volume-6, Issue-2, March 2012. 
  17. Thank You Your curiosities are welcome