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Social media: making it work for brands

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Keynote presentation given at C21 Social Media Forum at BAFTA, June 22, 2009.

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Social media: making it work for brands

  1. Social media: Making it work for brands Ann Longley, Digital Strategy Director, 22 June 2009
  2. Dynamics Topics for today Case studies MEC’s approach
  3. Dynamics Case studies Digital age dynamics MEC’s approach
  4. Dynamics Social media is making a big impact “Twitter will change the way we Live”, Time Magazine, 2009
  5. Dynamics but what do we mean by social media? Social media is a very broad term. It refers to all those online activities, tools, platforms and practices that allow users to collaborate, create and share thoughts, knowledge, opinions and content. It is both what people do online, and the environments in which they do it. As in the „real‟ world, the social web has its own culture and norms although these may vary from place to place.It is an evolving landscape in a continuous state of flux. MEC Guide to Social Media
  6. Dynamics and what does it mean for our customers? Better Informed Better connected Change image More in control More fragmented More expressive
  7. Dynamics Social media is dominated by UGC Share Create Remix which brands can‟t control…
  8. Dynamics Creating new challenges for brands Threats Opportunities
  9. Dynamics Problems…? Everyone knows about it
  10. Dynamics No such thing as local news
  11. Others can undermine your messages
  12. Dynamics Organising protests has never been easier
  13. Dynamics News not all bad
  14. Dynamics Many brands have fans online
  15. Smart brands cultivate their fanbase
  16. Dynamics Smart fans influence brands
  17. Brands can avert problems by listening
  18. Dynamics And invite their customers to help them
  19. What makes a good social media strategy? MEC’s approach Dynamics Case studies
  20. Case studies Obama Everywhere: election-winning MySpace page with application Facebook page with application 1.267M friends 5.5M fans 32k active app users YouTube Twitter 100m+ video views 291k followers 164k subscribers
  21. Case studies T-mobile: creating a groundswell
  22. Case studies Skins: energising its fanbase
  23. Case studies Sony Ericsson: portable and shareable
  24. Case studies DELL: listening and rewarding
  25. Keys to success Empowered consumers want to interact with brands Empowered consumers want to interact with brands 1. Better informed 2. Better networked 1. Content } markets as conversations 3. Better connected 2. Communities } = conversion 3. Conversations Clients uncertain about the best way to spend their digital budgets as well as how to operate in this new marketing environment.
  26. Case Social entertainment: A vision studies
  27. Dynamics Topics for today Case studies MEC’s approach
  28. MEC Approach The numbers can’t be ignored 79, 294M 12, 055M 31, 175M 132, 607M Source: Comscore Europe, Jan 2009
  29. MEC Approach YouTube is scaling to the size of a TV Channel Monthly Unique 44.3 Users Adults (16+) monthly unique users 41.9 35.6 Online TV 26.5 20.5 20.9 12.9 11.2 7.7 Rest of 6.4 6.8 Adults 4.1 2.9 3.9 1.7 16 -34 0.3 0.4 0. Men 2.9 8 0.5 Source: Nielsen October 2008, BARB 29
  30. MEC Approach Advertising facing a backlash
  31. MEC Approach Advertising is fighting back New social ad formats are Social media integration on emerging and off domain
  32. MEC Approach Marketing has changed Complexity lies at the centre of the marketing funnel Peer Competitive reviews alternatives The traditional marketing funnel Buyers Eyeballs Eyeballs Buyers Contributors User-generated Recommendations content from friends Old New
  33. MEC Approach Earned media is now the most influential Paid Owned Earned Source: COMPOSE 2008
  34. MEC Approach What matters now is Whuffie In a post scarcity economy, social capital rules.
  35. MEC Approach Reputation 2.0 Strength of network/ fanbase Responsive- Leadership REPUTATION ness Product and service innovation
  36. MEC Approach Social media is here to stay Brands hiring in-house community managers: Source:
  37. MEC Approach New world calls for a new approach Plan Listen Strategy Act Evaluate
  38. MEC Approach helping brands become more customer centric Promote and Respond Engage with content and experiences Gain audience insight
  39. MEC Approach The benefits of paying attention Here are just a few: Manage risks Improve service Evaluate campaigns Identify new ambassadors
  40. MEC Approach New metrics for the conversational marketplace Influence Engagement Share of influence Views/downloads Share of buzz Fans or friends SEO ranking Participation Referral Intimacy Send to friends Loyalty Posts/ embedding Repeat visits on own pages Length of time spent Social bookmarking Comments Problems solved
  41. Summing it all up Benefits Don’t let it pass Become talked Think beyond outweigh risks you by about advertising
  42. Thank you! Contact me: