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How to Have Your Links Open in a New Window

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This brief tutorial will show you how to be sure that any links in your blog post open in a new window so that you do not loose your site visitor

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How to Have Your Links Open in a New Window

  1. 1. Managing Outside Links on WordPress
  2. 2. It’s important to manage any outside links you post on your WordPress site. You want visitors to stay on your site while sharing valuable resources and content. Here’s how to do that!
  3. 3. Log in to your WordPress Site
  4. 4. On the Dashboard, select “Posts” – “Add New”
  5. 5. Enter the title and text of your post (including outside links), then click “Settings”
  6. 6. You’ll be directed to page entitled “Sharing Settings.” Scroll to near the bottom of the page. In the category “Open links in” select “New window” from the drop-down list.
  7. 7. After making your selection, click “Save Changes,” then close the “Sharing Settings” tab to return to the “Add New Post window. Any outside links you include in your post will open in a separate window, making it easy for visitors to return to your post.