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From passion ... to profession

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Presentation linkedin 19 11 2014 pptx autosaved

  1. 1. From passion… …to profession
  2. 2. Life at UEFA is… Innovative Rewarding Exciting InspiringDynamicMulticultural
  3. 3. At a glance… We work on behalf of 54 National Associations 37% Female employees 63% Male employees 570 Employees We work by11ValuesUEFA is 61years old We have 15Competitions 38Nationalities 50Languages spoken Football comes 1st
  4. 4. We have careers in… Event, Venue & Match Operations Information Technology Football Development Communications TV Operations Event Logistics Marketing & TV Production Legal, Finance, Human Resources Ticketing & Accreditation Operations Grassroots Football & Refereeing Development
  5. 5. And offer in addition… Certificate in Football Management Women Leadership Programme Event Time Positions Attending UEFA DrawsTraining & Career Development Venue Roles at Matches
  6. 6. 15 Competitions… NationalClub Men Women
  7. 7. We work by 11 values European sports model and specificity of sport Grassroots football and solidarity Youth protection and education Unity and leadership Football first Respect National teams and clubs Sporting integrity and betting Good governance and autonomy Pyramid structure and subsidiarity Financial fair play and regularity of competitions
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Join our team now!