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Eschaton2012 parenting beyond belief

A workshop and discussion on parenting without religion by Annie @ PhD in Parenting at the Eschaton 2012 conference in Ottawa.

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Eschaton2012 parenting beyond belief

  1. 1. “Parenting Beyond Belief” …a secular parenting journey
  2. 2. “It’s always interesting to see theories that Is spirituality exclude the importance of recognizing the spiritual needs of the individual. Maslow a universal ignored it completely in looking at what fulfills a person, and to this day people need? perpetuate his flawed model. “ – comment on my blog by Wendy AbramsFor some, it provides:• Sense of security• Unconditional love• Friendship and community• Feeling of purpose, which helps build self-esteemBut spirituality isn’tthe only way tomeet those needs
  3. 3. If notreligion, then what?
  4. 4. Image: John Kezner on flickrWe need to teach our children to RESPECT OTHERS and RESPECT THEMSELVES by modeling that behaviour.
  5. 5. “In the Preface to this book, I said that I had ‘set religion aside.’ Actually, that’s a bit like saying someone who rides a bike to work has set traffic aside. I’m still in it, still surrounded by it, and I always will be. Religion, for better or worse, is likely to be a permanent part of the human world. …”Dale McGowan, Parenting Beyond Belief “…The vision we should encourage in our children is not a world free of religion but one in which no idea or action is granted immunity from discussion and critique - including, of course, our own.”
  6. 6. • In 2008, the Quebec government introduced a new mandatory Ethics and Religious Culture curriculum. • Shift from morality and confessional instruction to ethics and understanding of the forms of religious expression.Ethics and Religious Culture Program -
  7. 7. Contribution of the Ethics and Religious Culture Program to the Quebec Education Program
  8. 8. He tells us that God is everywhere and sees everything. He speaks of Heaven, and God’s presence up there. There’s a mention of angels. “Just like Heaven” by Emma Willers reply:My son’s friend told him that mummies exist and that they come outat night and go into all of our houses. We handled that the same waythat we have handled the discussions about God or about whetherinfinity is a number. Basically, some people believe in it, some peopledon’t believe in it, you can decide for yourself what you believe in.
  9. 9. Exploring Identity Today, Emma started asking about the hijabs that a lot of the women wear. She asked why they wear them. She said they are beautiful and commented several times on the aspects of specific hijabs that she liked (beautiful sparkles, butterflies, nice colours, etc.). She asked when she could wear one. • So, I let her wear one. • But I wondered, how would Muslims react if she wore it outside of the house? As usual, a conversation with my intelligent anddiverse blog readers helped answer that question.
  10. 10. BIG QUESTIONS I don’t know why that woman is staring at you. I don’t know why that girl chose to go into the bathroom stall on the right instead of the one on the left. I don’t know why that man isn’t wearing any shoes. I don’t know why that girl has short hair or why that woman has green hair. LITTLE QUESTIONS I don’t know why the dog did its business on the sidewalk or why the owner didn’t clean it up. I don’t know why that child is crying. I don’t know why that boy dumped a bucket of sand on your head. I don’t know what those people are saying to each other. I don’t know why that man is drinking beer on the subway. I don’t know why that girl didn’t answer your question. I don’t know why that woman is talking to herself. I don’t know if that is a woman or a man. I don’t know why those children won’t share their toys. I don’t know why the bus driver isn’t moving the bus. I don’t know where that man lives. - From
  11. 11. Give a child an answer and you satisfy her forfive seconds. Teach a child to search foranswers and you give her the gift of…ANALYTICAL SKILLS RESEARCH SKILLS PERSPECTIVE CRITICAL THOUGHTSKEPTICISM INDEPENDENT THOUGHT IMAGINATION
  12. 12. • Compassion• Empathy• Responsibility• Finding Your Gift• Finding Your Passion• Thinking Outside the Box• Getting Involved With a Cause• …and more
  13. 13.

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  • MauriceWebb2

    Jul. 10, 2016

A workshop and discussion on parenting without religion by Annie @ PhD in Parenting at the Eschaton 2012 conference in Ottawa.


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