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Audience research

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Audience research

  1. 1. Audience researchWhat is audience research?Audience research is defined as any communication research that is conducted onspecific audience segments to gather information about their attitudes, knowledge,interests, preferences, or behaviours with respect to prevention issues. Segments maybe based on various grouping strategies, such as race and ethnicity, age, education, orfamily income. Some investigators refer to audience research as "formative" or"elicitation" research.What is the purpose of audience research?Before finalising any project, research must be done before even thinking about theinitial design. The point of doing this is so that the producer can get a better insight ofthe target audience, it would be pointless creating something that’s not going to appealto the right people. It’s important part of the procedure as it’s time consuming, and awaste of money if the product is not created the way expected. Knowing the kind ofpeople you want to target the product at can create a wide variety of ways to advertisethe product also.Audience categoriesThere are many different categories in which they fit into. These include income,profession, life cycle stage, age, gender, marital status, behaviour, demographics,geodemographics, religion, etc. There are several ways to collect this information someof which can be conducted by the use of; Surveys, online ratings, interviews, focusgroups and more.Standard occupational classification – the bureau of labour statistics say the 2010standard occupational classification (SOC) system is used by federal statistical agenciesto classify workers into occupational categories for the purpose of collecting,calculating, or disseminating data. All workers are classified into one of 840 detailedoccupations according to their occupational definition. To facilitate classification,detailed occupations are combined to form 461 broad occupations, 97 minor groups,and 23 major groups. Detailed occupations in the SOC with similar job duties, and insome cases skills, education, and/or training, are grouped together.This helped me choose which category my advert would fit into and as my advert isbased with young people it was harder as they don’t fit into the categories so I basedthis part of my research on the parents who would decide to watch it and pay for theviewing and product. Although my viewers would vary I decided to place them in C1and C2
  2. 2. Age and genderMy target audience is aimed at young adults from the age of 15 – 25, but alsoelder women around 25 – 30 because it may attract elder women but it is notspecifically aimed at that age. I’ve decided this as my target audience as Iknow for a fact the majority of females would rather see a ‘girly’ advert ratherthan an action pact one. However, by my own personal opinion I do enjoywatching action pact adverts because it’s something different to what younormally see.Using different methods to find out information on audience researchMethod Suitable Reason whyQuestionnaires Yes Questionnaires would be good to useas it is extremely simple for people touse seeing as it is multiple choice(most of the time).Surveys Yes “ ” Once again help conclude whatthe audience think would be bestsuited, which is something needed inorder to be most successful.Online forums Partly Probably most suitable as majority ofyoung teenagers spend most of theirtime on the internet, bettercommunication. And also you cancome across anonymous if wanted.Interviews Yes The public can describe and expresswhat they would like to see, whatworks and what doesn’t.Focus groups Yes Focus groups are more informativeas they look in depth of twocomparable reasons for/ and against.Online ratings Yes The youth of today are forever intohigh technology so teenagers aremore likely to pay attention if it’saccessible and promoted at the righttime. An example of this could be a‘Facebook’ page.Magazine reviews No The data would have already beencollected, and would not be specificto what I’m looking for.
  3. 3. InternetforumsInternet forums are often used for audience research as fans from the same genre will discuss whatthey hope for a film or even spoilers which may encourage people to see the films. Internet forumsare often a lot more helpful in audience research if the film was a book before as there’ll already bea big fan base and people waiting for a film.Internet forums really helped in audience research as much as different methods of my targetaudience would be using the internet so I couldn’t find out what they wanted to see or what sort ofthings they all wanted to see.FacebookTwitterYouTube. are graphs I found online stating what percentage of people find new or tend to bybeauty products
  4. 4. From this graph, the data givenstates that majority of people whoare more like to buy new productswill do so from hearing fromfriends and family, compared topeople who have a job and work(office jobs). As my advertisementwould be seen on the internet andTV the percentages were lowerthan what I expected. Theinformation given has proven thatmajority of people spend moretime noticing adverts online thanthey do on TV. This has made merealise that I will focus more onmaking my advert appropriate tobe seen online.Although this graph wascompleted a year ago and is basedon people in the USA it has stillgiven me an insight into whatsocial networking sites were mostpopular last year. I purposelylooked into the USA stats because Iknew that have almost tripled theamount of TV channels and thatbeauty advertisements will beshown 24/7.
  5. 5. DemographicsA demographic or demographic profile is a term used in marketing and broadcasting, todescribe a demographic grouping or a market segment. This typically involves agebands (as teenagers do not wish to purchase denture fix ant), class bands (as the richmay want different products than middle and lower classes and may be willing to paymore) and gender (partially because different physical attributes require differenthygiene and clothing products, and partially because of the male/female mind-sets).A demographic profile can be used to determine when and where advertising should beplaced so as to achieve maximum results. In all such cases, it is important that theadvertiser get the most results for their money, and so careful research is done to matchthe demographic profile of the target market to the demographic profile of theadvertising medium.I think the best thing I can do in order to find great way to advertise my product wouldbe to research into previous adverts on TV and online and evaluate them and try anddevelop ideas how I can make mine just as successful within the competitive industry.I now also need to consider about the pricing of the advertisement and product. If thiswere to be for a real client instead of a media assignment I would look into props,location hiring, lighting, costumes, equipment, camera, cast, production crew, makeupartist, actors, publicity, director etc. However this is an individual task and I havethought through each step of my production, where and when I’m going to film andwhat I’m doing in each scene.Thinking ahead, I will need to consider what channels it will be shown on, and whereabout online. I will also need to take into account what I would price this perfume bottleat, to make it an affordable for most regular people or overpriced making it a greatessential pricing.
  6. 6. Socio – EconomicWhat is it?Socioeconomics is sometimes used an umbrella term with different usages. Socialeconomics may refer broadly to the "use of economics in the study of society."Morenarrowly, contemporary practice considers behavioural interactions of individuals andgroups through social capital and social "markets" (not excluding forexample, sorting by marriage) and the formation of social norms. In the latter, it studiesthe relation of economics to social values.Here is a table I found online that best describes Socio – economic. It is a table based onthe Standard Occupational Classification.This image above is a summary of job titles listed numerically by SOC200 code. This graph narrowsdown the types of people who will be targeted at. It specifies what category people come under as itgives us a good impression of what they’re like and their lifestyle. In this image above ‘1134’ is whom Iaiming mine towards.