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Antea Group USA Overview

Learn more about Antea Group environmental and sustainability consulting, then head to our website for a deeper dive:

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Antea Group USA Overview

  1. 1. Antea Group Overview Better Business, Better World ℠
  2. 2. About Antea®Group Our Approach Our Work
  3. 3. We specialize in full-service solutions in the fields of environment, infrastructure, urban planning and water. Understanding Today. Improving Tomorrow. 2Antea USA, Inc. By combining strategic thinking and multidisciplinary perspectives with technical expertise and pragmatic action, we do more than effectively solve client challenges; we deliver sustainable results for a better future. OUR APPROACH
  4. 4. About Antea®Group Our Approach Our Work
  5. 5. Better Business, Better World OUR APPROACH 4Antea USA, Inc. What we believe… When the economics work, the social and environmental benefits will last
  6. 6. Identify the Mechanisms for Business Value Creation OUR APPROACH 5Antea USA, Inc. VALUE ADVANCE: Enhance reputation, brand loyalty & enable growth STRENGTHEN: Lower resource consumption & drive efficiency PROTECT: Reduce risk INCREASING REVENUE SAVING CASH AVOIDING COSTS
  7. 7. Worldwide Capabilities ABOUT ANTEA GROUP Antea USA, Inc. 6 Antea Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oranjewoud, a publicly traded company listed on the NYSE Euronext exchange, with annual revenues exceeding $2B. (Oranjewoud recently changed its name to Antea Group) Antea Group is a majority shareholder of the Inogen Environmental Alliance, offering 4,300 consultants in 160 offices with experience on six continents. = Projects completed within the last three years = Additional global coverage offered by Inogen = No current plans to enter this market Service delivery locations are subject to change due to geo-political and personal/personnel safety considerations
  8. 8. HPC GROUP Austria Bulgaria France Germany Greece Italy Kosovo Poland Romania Spain PETER J RAMSAY & ASSOCIATES Australia DGE GROUP Denmark Latvia Lithuania Sweden ENVIRONMENTAL CENTRE IFPA Russia ENVIROSOLUTIONS & CONSULTING Hong Kong Indonesia Malaysia Singapore ESD CHINA LIMITED China Hong Kong Vietnam Global Connections Through Inogen ABOUT INOGEN ANGEL AMBIENTAL Brazil ANTEA GROUP Belgium Burkina Faso Chad Colombia France The Netherlands USA CHOLA MS RISK India DELTA SIMONS ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS LTD UK DENKSTATT Austria Bulgaria Hungary Romania Serbia Slovakia 7Antea USA, Inc. Superior local results A contract with any Inogen Associate delivers access to all alliance resources, provides comprehensive liability insurance coverage and guarantees standardized and cost-effective services anywhere in the world. OVER 4,300 Staff Worldwide OVER 160 Offices Worldwide
  9. 9. About Antea®Group Our Approach Our Work
  10. 10. Fit-for-Purpose Environmental Consulting OUR WORK 9Antea USA, Inc. Environmental Liability Management Information Knowledge Management Operational Performance & Assurance Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Transaction Support Health & Safety
  11. 11. Environmental Liability Management OUR WORK 10Antea USA, Inc. Walk-Away Solutions Whether the environmental risk is transactional, operational or legacy, our solutions deliver clear, concise business advice that enhances environmental liability management strategies, drives complete stakeholder acceptance, accelerates site closure and defines balance sheet liabilities.
  12. 12. Environmental Liability Management OUR WORK 11Antea USA, Inc. Our Services: • Benchmarking • Contaminant Fate and Transport Modeling • Decommissioning • Environmental Liability Transfer • Environmental Risk Assessment • Expert Witness and Litigation Support • Feasibility Studies • Green Technology Development • Incident Management • Reserve Forecasting and Validation • Site Assessment and Remediation Engineering • Soil Vapor Intrusion Assessment and Abatement • State Reimbursement Program Management • Water Resource Protection
  13. 13. Health & Safety OUR WORK Passion For Safety. Industry Experience. Tailored Solutions. Trusted Partners. Understanding what it takes to help our clients make a positive impact on their safety culture. Our philosophy is simple; help businesses manage risk today to drive continuous improvement tomorrow. We partner with our clients to establish, implement, and transform occupational health and safety management systems. To help our clients achieve sustainable performance, we tailor solutions to protect their assets, including the most important one of all: people.
  14. 14. Health & Safety OUR WORK Our Services: • Health and Safety Management Systems • Industrial Hygiene and Exposure Assessments • Training Programs • Health and Safety Audits and Assessments • Information and Knowledge Management • Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis • Incident Management • Ergonomics • Contractor Safety • Chemical Management • Process Safety Management (PSM)
  15. 15. Information Knowledge Management OUR WORK 14Antea USA, Inc. Usability. Compatibility. Flexibility. Global Applicability. By leveraging innovation and technology over the past decade, Antea Group has developed a proprietary environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) information management tool that supports clients in achieving their EHS&S business objectives while realizing increased operational efficiencies with fewer resources.
  16. 16. Information Knowledge Management OUR WORK 15Antea USA, Inc. Our Services:  Application Needs Assessment  Deployment Support and Consultation  Integration and Platform Evaluation  IT Project Management  Online Training and Certification  Software Development and Programming  System Design and Configuration
  17. 17. Operational Performance & Assurance OUR WORK 16Antea USA, Inc. Compliance to Continuous Improvement By combining proven processes, innovative tools and a wealth of multi-sector expertise, Antea Group provides solutions that strengthen and optimize business operations. We develop and implement client- specific Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management programs that meet or exceed regulatory and performance requirements while assuring conformance and desired performance across global platforms.
  18. 18. Operational Performance & Assurance OUR WORK 17Antea USA, Inc. Our Services: • Agency Interface and Regulatory Interpretation • Assurance, Consistency and Efficiency Programs • Compliance Audits and Assessments • EHS Outsourcing • EHS Management Systems • Heath & Safety • Industrial Hygiene • Multimedia Permitting • Operational Integrity • Performance and System Monitoring • Product Life Cycle Analysis • Supply Chain Assessments • Training Development and Facilitation
  19. 19. Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility OUR WORK 18Antea USA, Inc. Integrating Sustainability into Core Business Practices For sustainability initiatives that deliver results from strategy through implementation, you can trust the expertise of our strategic-thinking consultants and subject matter experts. Believing the best sustainability programs integrate sustainability into core business practices, we help you identify and act on business-relevant social and environmental opportunities.
  20. 20. Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility OUR WORK 19Antea USA, Inc. Our Services: • Sustainability Roadmaps • Materiality and Hotspot • Assessments • Accounting for Sustainability • Energy Management • Climate Change Solutions • Water Stewardship • Product Stewardship • Value Chain Optimization • Corporate Reporting & Disclosure
  21. 21. Transaction Support OUR WORK 20Antea USA, Inc. Comprehensive Data for Informed Decisions Grounded in technical expertise and delivered in transparent language, we provide solutions to our clients, whether they seek to develop a comprehensive understanding of EHS liabilities attached to an asset purchase, or are looking to supply buyers with credible information in order to maximize the value of an asset sale or capital re-structuring.
  22. 22. Transaction Support OUR WORK 21Antea USA, Inc. Our Services: • Due Diligence Support for Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments • Global EHS Compliance Assessments and Resource Evaluation • Liability Quantification, Probabilistic Cost Modeling and Reserve Management • Phase I and II Environmental Assessments • Post-Transaction EHS Integration and Incident Management • Pre-Purchase Stakeholder Engagement and Strategy Development • Purchase and Sale Agreement Support
  23. 23. BETTER BUSINESS, BETTER WORLD℠ Antea Group Offices USA Headquarters 5910 Rice Creek Parkway, Suite 100 St. Paul, MN 55126, USA USA Toll Free: +1 800 477 7411 International: +1 651 639 9443 Belgium Roderveldlaan 1 2600 Antwerpen Colombia Calle 35 No. 7-25, Piso 12 Bogota, DC France 29, avenue Aristide Briand – CS 10006 94117 Arcueil Cedex Netherlands Monitorweg 29 1322 BK Almere