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Publicado el and Portainer, an open-source management UI for Docker.

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  2. 2. WHO IS PORTAINER.IO ▶ Created in November 2016 ▶Based in Auckland, New Zealand Neil Cresswell CEO Anthony Lapenna Engineering
  3. 3. THE SOFTWARE Portainer, an open-source administration UI for Docker
  4. 4. GOALS ▶ Simple to use ▶ Focus on simplification and simple UX ▶ Built for anybody who wants to use Docker, not only developers ▶ Simple to deploy ▶ Run inside a container, get started in 30 seconds ▶ Run everywhere (Linux, Windows containers, ARM…) ▶ Made for Docker ▶ Docker standalone, Docker Swarm and Docker Swarm mode support ▶ Supports (almost) all the features of the Docker CLI
  5. 5. ALTERNATIVES •No Support for Windows Containers •Beta support for Swarm Mode •Cannot manage Volumes or Networks •Portainer is now embedded inside Rancher > 1.5 Rancher UI •Clean product, however focused on developers •No support for Swarm Mode •Cannot manage Volumes or Networks Shipyard •Development now stopped and developer recommends Portainer UI for Docker Docker Cloud / Docker Datacentre •Development Stalled Panamax •Great product •Expensive at scale
  6. 6. DEMO
  7. 7. ABOUT PORTAINER ▶ Since November 2016 ▶ 2,600 Stars on Github ▶ 10M+ pulls from Docker Hub ▶ 50+ Contributors
  8. 8. ROADMAP Q1 •Role Based Access Control •Job / Task Scheduler •Docker Compose Support •Rancher Platform Integration Q2 •Active Directory Authentication Plugin •Private Registry Management •Portainer High Availability •Azure Container Service Support •Docker on AWS support Q3 •Multi-Tenancy Plugin •Community Plugins Support •Download / upload of persistent volumes Q4 •Prometheus Integration •Container Usage Metering
  9. 9. USEFUL LINKS ▶ Website: ▶ Demo: ▶ Documentation: ▶ Github repository: ▶ Twitter: @portainerio ▶ Support: ▶ ▶
  10. 10. QUESTIONS ?