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Be an Astronaut for a Day!

Spacenaut Inc is India's largest space research, education and development company. Spacenaut is in to a Satellite development program and Rocketry research.

As part of its public outreach program they are organizing Space X Camp at select schools for the benefit of students.

These space camps are the best opportunity to train on to a close to real mission scenario & move on to STEM in SPACE.

Apply today to organize Space X Camp at your school and be among the Top Science Schools in India.

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  1. 1. SPACE X CAMPS @ Your School T: +91-731-4988113 / 114 E: W: Who Are We? Spacenaut Inc is Indias largest Space Research, Education and Development Company. We work on collaborative space projects that involve Rocketry Research and Indias first private Mission to Moon. We are partners of NASA Museum Alliance and Permanent members of World Science Parliament. Spacenaut is also conveyor of Indian Space Alliance, a community for Aerospace Industry What is a SPACE X CAMP? Space X Camp is one of the finest Space Camp based workshop for students grades 5 to 12. It’s a one day accelerated program that works around the idea of virtual journey to Space. The camp is about “Be an Astronaut for a Day”. So if I have to go on a mission to Mars and back what are the things I need to know? What are the things I need to do?. This is simulated in the workshop with Hands on Activities and interactive sessions. How Do We Do It? The program starts with forming teams of 10-15 students and assigning them a Team badge like Orion, Apollo and Challengers etc. Once team is formed we brief trainee Astronauts about the Space X Camp, whats in it for them, rules etc. What Do We Do…? Modules and Hands on Activities: 1. The Genesis: Story of Universe, how it all began from the Bigbang to infinity 2. How Universe Works: what is the physics behind the working of Universe, what it made up of.. 3. Mapping the Universe: Digital Atlas, Exploring the vast universe through a NASA software 4. History of Race for Space: The early soviet and NASA missions 5. How Telescopes work: Types of Telescope, Science behind it, Treasure hunt activity 6. What are Satellites: How satellites are made, how they are put in exact orbit, orbital science 7. ISRO Space Program: Know about ISROs missions in details and future plans 8. Rocket Science: How Rockets work?, What are the components, fuels used in a Rocket, Types of Rockets and uses 9. Make and launch Air Rockets: Make your own paper model of ISROs Rohini 75 Rockets (Indias first Rocket). Learn as you build the dynamics of space flight. Launch your Rockets using Air propellers 10. Train Like an Astronaut: Agility Test and course to let students know the importance of fitness 11. Space Engineering: How to build Structures? Engineering Lessons, Build a Bridge 12. Space HAB: Build your own space city ( Team activity) using materials available around 13. Space Re Entry Capsule: How do Astronauts come back? What is a Re Entry Space Craft?, Build your own Space craft using given materials and test it. 14. Know about Spacenaut Programs and Mission Centre at Bengluru and Maharashtra
  2. 2. SPACE X CAMPS @ Your School T: +91-731-4988113 / 114 E: W: Note: All Participants will get Activity kits, Rocket and Space Shuttle making Kit, Medal and a Certificate of Training Completion. Also they become a part of Spacenaut Students Club, a forum of students to share ideas and projects. Terms of Engagement: Spacenaut is a Space company and we consider space education as our corporate responsibility as such we do not intend to profit from our education programs and charge on reasonable cost basis Space X Camp is part of our outreach program and is available to select schools based on how passionate the School Management is about giving their students real time exposure to practical science learning Space X Camp Participation Fee for schools in Mumbai is INR 1250 and for schools out of Mumbai but within India is INR 1650 per student Min no of Students required for Space X Camp (per batch/day) is 100 and max is 175 For schools outside Mumbai we expect Min 300 Students split in 2 Space X Camps spread over 2 consecutive days. Also for outstation cost of travel and accommodation for team 5 members will have to be borne by the Host School and the same can be added to the final program cost. Usually that works out to approx. INR 500 above the cost of program that is INR 2150 per student. Benefits and Features of the Space X Camp: • More number of students can benefit and teachers can also join the program at no cost • Highly evolved and validated content, faculty and team of educators • Get trained by team of experts working on real Mission and Space Research • Total Interactive sessions and Hands on Activities based program. ‘ZERO PPT’s’ • Extra Rocket Making Kit and Space Shuttle making kits as souvenir • Certificate of Participation and Medal to all students • Certificate to participating Teachers and Principal/School Administration • Free Lifetime Spacenaut Club membership to Students • Internship opportunities at Spacenaut (grades 8 and above) #HarIndianKaMoonShot For Details Please Contact