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Sabroso: Your Online Food Buddy | Marketing Plan

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This is a sketch of marketing strategy of an android app Sabroso that allows you to locate stores nearby, order food and make reservations in restaurant.

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Sabroso: Your Online Food Buddy | Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Your Online FOOD BUDDY
  3. 3. Restaurant search and discovery service. Allows you to order food for Home Delivery or Take Away. Make online reservations in Restaurants.
  4. 4. Business OBJECTIVES
  5. 5. Help users discover great restaurant s around them. Improve experienc e and services around dining. Provide restaurants platform to attract customers .
  6. 6. Situation OVERVIEW
  7. 7. Waiting outside restaurant for tables to be vacated can be irritating. Sabroso allows you to search restaurants, order food for home delivery as well as reserve a at your favorite corner in the restaurant after checking graphical layout of the place.
  8. 8. S T R E N G T H GLOBAL EXISTENCE • It will have global existence in online restaurant guide category. WEBSIT E • A strong website will be launched soon and efforts will be made to maximize the number of visitors. BUSINESS MODEL • It has a high engagement business model. It has large amount of user content, its constantly updated and lot of returning users. MOBILE APP • We will soon launch a mobile app targeting global downloads.
  9. 9. W E A K N E S S LATE MOVER • Sabroso is entering market late compared to competitors like Yelp, zomato etc who have become synonym of restaurant finder. GENERAL FEATURE • Sabroso does not personalize the website experience for the user. SOCIAL PLUG-INs • The website has no social plug-ins on landing page or home page. Hence does not encourage cross channel promotion.
  10. 10. O P P O R T U N I T I E S ONLINE SEARCH • As per google trends, food searches online have increased over last 5 years. There are more people searching for dinner locations :P DIGITAL AD SPEND • Mobile ads are growing by whooping 132%. Market definitely has digital investors to support digital business models. ONLINE PAYMENTS • Sabroso allows transactions online which may be monetary or simple table booking etc. This provides additional revenue channel.
  11. 11. T H R E A T S COMPETI- TION • Being late mover proves as disadvantage because competitors like zomato already hold a fair market share. CONSUMER LOYALTY • Consumer loyalty is a great hindrance for Sabroso unless it can differentiate itself sufficiently. IT - THEFT • Sabroso collects user data and there is always threat of data breach and cyber attacks.
  12. 12. Additional features to enhance customer experience…
  13. 13. Deals and events section to cover latest restaurant events around you. Recommended for you section to show your preferred restaurants based on your past choices. Blog which takes you to Sabroso blog that contains listicles, informative articles etc.
  14. 14. G O A L S Increase brand Awareness Increase Sign ups Increase app downloads Promote review writing G O A L S
  15. 15. STRATEGY
  17. 17. Working professionals Cuisine Loyalists Family Diners Students Travellers
  19. 19. TACTICS
  20. 20. FREE Services Search Restaurants Check prices and Menu Get public review Order food for delivery Connect with foodies and chat
  21. 21. You can pick your desired seats on a plane, why not a restaurant???
  22. 22. PAID Services A premium version of the app allows you to actually view the layout of entire establishment and choose the perfect table to enjoy picture perfect moments with your loved ones. Also the gift coupons and other perks will be more frequently offered in premium version @ $1.99/month.
  23. 23. PERCEIVED VALUES Put Customers First • Product team overpower. • Focus website on products, not ads. Get personal withFeedback • Real person writes back • Not sticking to automated mail culture. Customer Service: Core Strength • Best people manning queries Connect with customers • The tagline “your food buddy” does a fair job at that.
  25. 25. Sabroso will be a restaurant search and discovery service that lists all food joints and restaurants in your location and also allows you to make online reservations for dinner etc.
  26. 26. • The app is positioned as restaurant searching tool in your locality. Its can also strongly be positioned in food ordering category like other competitors. Points of Parity • The app shows the actual setup of restaurants nearby and allows to to make online reservations after checking the actual position of table you are reserving. Points of Difference
  27. 27. INCENTIVES • By repeatedly using Sarboso for making reservations, you become our golden customer, which earns you a gift voucher of 5% discount for every 5th reservation you make that can be redeemed on your next food delivery order from our app within next 5 days.
  29. 29. Sending promotional emails only to an exclusive group of customers. Promoting on various blogs and forums. Using Word-of- Mouth communication .
  31. 31. P L A T F O R M S Google playstore iTunes App distribution via direct link to end users. Distribution via corporate portals. via private app stores (amazon, apparian, getjar etc).
  33. 33. RECAP
  34. 34. Executive Summary Situation Analysis Goals Strategy Tactics Implementation
  35. 35. DISCLAIMERDISCLAIMER Createdby Anusha A. Sharma, VNIT Nagpur, during Marketing Management Internship under Prof. Sameer Mathur.