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Improving the efficiency of aircraft turnaround

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Implementing innovative app toolkit for airport workers that improve aircraft turnaround. Airport IQ will develop a mobile information sharing system connecting back-end A-CDM systems with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and other wearable devices) carried by ground staff. The system will provide the right information at the right place and time to the right people, making it easier for planners to make optimal use of resources.

We are looking for potential partners to participate in the project whether they are Airports, Ground Handlers, Airlines, System providers and other commercial entities. If you would like to know more, then get in touch

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Improving the efficiency of aircraft turnaround

  1. 1. Improving the efficiency of aircraft turnaround - Appear Networks AIRPORT IT November 2015 Barcelona, Spain
  2. 2. Airport IQ - Improving the efficiency of aircraft turnaround • EC Goals • Project partners • Turnaround Challenges • Mobile Technology • Airport IQ Goals and Objectives • The Project • Getting involved
  3. 3. HORIZON 2020 • FP6/FP7 focused on research - Horizon 2020 is innovation & commercial • Timeframe 2014–2020, €80bn of funding with SMEs receiving around 20% • Environmental research and innovation • Airport IQ is an Innovation project addressing the Transport Specific Programme (H2020 Specific Programme: Part III – 4. Smart, green and integrated transport)
  4. 4. Smart, green and integrated transport H2020 Programme: Part III – 4 “to achieve a European transport system that is resource-efficient, climate- and environmentally-friendly, safe and seamless for the benefit of all citizens, the economy and society”. a) Resource efficient transport that respects the environment. b) Better mobility, less congestion, more safety and security. c) Global leadership for the European transport industry. d) Socio-economic and behavioural research and forward looking activities for policy making.
  5. 5. Existing and Planned Project Partners • Slot Consulting • Appear • Airports • Handling Agents • Airlines • System providers • Other interested parties?
  6. 6. Slot Consulting Airport Processes Coordination: Gate, stand and check-in desk allocation Seasonal to daily planning Operational management Services Handling organisation for airlines Consulting ATC CDM Airline pilots EU Framework Programmes www.slotconsulting.eu6 11/19/2015
  7. 7. Based in Stockholm (Sweden) since 2001 . Mobile solutions in Transport, Construction, Aviation, Logistics Award Winning Technology 2015 Appear Networks Systems AB. All Rights Reserved. Appear Networks
  8. 8. 2015 Appear Networks Systems AB. All Rights Reserved. Vision Improve operational efficiency through mobility services. Mobility Platform Vertical Solutions Appear Networks
  9. 9. Ways to improve aircraft turnaround 1. Transform how turnaround services are done – lower cost services – Invest in new equipment – Simplified catering – New approach to cleaning – e.g. air crew clean the plane 2. Remove services altogether – Catering, cleaning, .. 3. Improve the quality of the information used in turnaround – All can benefit from improved data Precise Data = Better Decisions!
  10. 10. Why improve the quality of information? 11/19/2015 Airport IQ Goal  Improve accuracy • Many participants, lots of data, • How to collect? • How to ensure secure, safe, informed and accurate decisions. Result : Wrong decisions, poor decisions, and buffers, buffers everywhere. Arrivals Departures
  11. 11. Slot Consulting Lessons learned from prior research www.slotconsulting.eu11 11/19/2015 Project Arena Date Research Description Challenges identified FP6 OPTAG 2009 Tracking passengers through the airport Privacy, universal applicability across EU FP7 TITAN 2012 Decision support without smartphones i.e. using voice/radio Someone needs to input the data. Accuracy and timeliness problems. FP7 Airport 2050+ 2013 Fast, green and cost effective concepts future people, process, buildings Conceptual – challenges on delivering the reality FP7 ATOM 2012 New methods and procedures for security Significant time impact on turnaround process EUROCON TROL Blue Power CDM, SWIM, L4 CDM 2009- 2014 Collaborative decision making, prototypes, analysis, simulations Taking POC to full commercial implementation Horizon 2020 Airport IQ 2016- 2017 Delivering a mobile ”toolbox” for improved aircraft turnaround -
  13. 13. A-CDM Common Objectives Currently have the greatest challenges in enabling the flow of information. Airport IQ addresses this gap
  14. 14. TITAN Project (Turnaround Integration in Trajectory and Network ) • Analysis of turnaround process • The key stakeholders – Airport Operators (AOP), – Aircraft Operators (Airlines), – Airport Ground Handling (GH), – Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP), and – Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU). • Scope – The sequence of ground operations from • AIBT (Actual In-Block Time) • until AOBT (Actual Off-Block Time) • included external services. Services included: – Passenger Flow Information Service (PFIS) – Baggage Flow Information Service (BFIS) – Aircraft Status Report Service (ASRS) – Cargo/Mail Flow Information Service (CMFIS) – Airport Information Report Service (AIRS)
  15. 15. ”There’s an app for that” ”Let’s develop it first then give it to the guys in the field once we know it works” ”It’s only an app” Mobile Misconceptions
  16. 16. Appear IQ Mobility in Rail Service Quality, Delay Management Regional Rail City Express Delay Attribution Defect reporting Traffic information Address book PRM assistance Passenger control Driver Line Manuals Traffic information Reporting Delay cause identification
  17. 17. 17 Mobility in Construction Event capture Event analysis and reporting Risk Management, Regulation
  18. 18. Airport IQ Concept “Airport IQ will develop a mobile information sharing system connecting back-end A-CDM systems with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and other wearable devices) carried by ground staff. The system will provide the right information at the right place and time to the right people, making it easier for planners to make optimal use of resources.”
  19. 19. Airport IQ App Toolkit Airport IQ Toolkit Airport IQ Apps Reduce airport turnaround times Optimise utilisation of airport assets and personnel Integrate with collaborative decision making systems
  20. 20. Airport IQ Integration Back End ERP Systems Operations IT Support Connecting Airport IT and CDM Systems To Airport Employees Team Leader
  21. 21. Project Goals Project Result Multiple EU airports using Airport IQ Commercial users on the Airport IQ platform Partner application providers using Airport IQ Re-usable applications available on Airport IQ Aircraft delay reductions CO2 emission reductions Reduction of A-CDM implementation costs Aircraft delay cost reduction Overall Result : Right decisions, shorter buffers, buffers everywhere, More slots.
  22. 22. Join us! • Airport partners • Handling Agents • Airlines • System providers • Other interest?