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Infographic: Healthcare goes mobile

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The healthcare industry is constantly faced with challenges coming from all sorts of angles; from juggling tight budgets while still delivering safer patient care, to running a quick yet efficient service.

Recently, the healthcare sector has started to pay attention to the multitude of benefits that mobile app technology can offer, so we have created an informative infographic outlining the current state of the UK's healthcare sector and how modern technology can benefit this industry for generations to come.

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Infographic: Healthcare goes mobile

  1. 1. HEALTHCARE GOES MOBILE THE ROLE OF SMARTPHONE APPS IN THE HEALTHCARE SECTOR Bìh men and women live an average of 10 years longer than they did before the creation of the NHS in 1948, however the healthcare sector is under an enormous amount of pressure to deliver an exceptional service which is free at the point of use. NHS NET EXPENDITURE Reducing bureaucratic & regulatory burdens 2018 2002-2003 However, how can this be achieved when... 22 OU T33 3377%% HEALTHCARE APPS ARE AN IDEAL SOLUTION AND HAVE BEEN STEADILY INCREASING IN POPULARITY, ALONGSIDE THE RISE IN SMARTPHONE AND TABLET USAGE Clinicians are 250% more likely to own a tablet than ìher consumers 40% 88% 40% of healthcare professionals said tablets help cut down time spent on administrative tasks 88% of healthcare professionals want patients to monitor their own health at home Healthcare goals e-Learning & training Operational efficiency Cost reduction Safer patient care The year the NHS aim to be paper free 2 OUT OF 3 NURSES AND MEDICAL STAFF STILL RELY ON HANDWRITTEN NOTES AND CORRIDOR CONVERSATIONS TO COMMUNICATE VITAL PATIENT INFO OF THESE HAVE NO WI-FI ACCESS, YET... BELIEVE THAT HAVING ACCESS TO WI-FI WOULD IMPROVE THEIR ABILITY TO PROVIDE BETTER PATIENT CARE OUT OF 6666%% 2012-2013 2014 £57.049 BILLION £105.254 BILLION (PLANNED) £109.956 BILLION THE AVERAGE GP APPOINTMENT COSTS THE NHS £25 EACH VISIT TO A WALK-IN CENTRE COSTS THE NHS £63+ A VISIT TO A&E CAN COST THE NHS £59-117 mHealth is big news, and here's why... PPUUBBLLIICC UUSSEE VVSS CCLLIINNIICCAALL UUSSEE Using smartphones and healthcare apps can benefit bìh the public and healthcare professionals, thanks to their versatility, familiarity and convenience. THE PUBLIC CAN USE HEALTHCARE APPS TO: CLINICIANS CAN USE HEALTHCARE APPS TO: Track their fitness Monitor their heart rate Calculate their BMI and calorie intake Check their symptoms before seeking medical help Globally, 1.2 billion smartphone users have health conditions which could be managed through smartphone apps Access medical records Quickly search through emergency procedure handbooks View and edit staff roster systems Manage documentation and board papers The 1.3 million NHS staff members could benefit from less paperwork, faster access to information and having access to e-Learning There are currently AAPPPPLLEE vvss AANNDDRROOIIDD 4411116666Medical apps on iTunes: medical apps available for Android and Apple devices 24876 Medical apps on Google Play: 16290 TThhee êêttuurree ooff mmHHeeaalltthh...... Apple is rumoured to be developing a HealthBook app for iOS8, which will give the user feedback through their mobile device about aspects of their health and fitness, such as heart rate, activity levels and nutrition. On account of the growing interest in healthcare apps combined with the popularity of wearable technology, mHealth is due to transform healthcare for medical professionals and the general public alike. SSoouurrcceess Apps will be used in healthcare 'as oíen as antibièiç': Healthcare and technology statistiç:í/healthcare-and-technology-statistií-2012-infographic/ Statistiç on the use of mHealth:í-on-the-use-of-mhealth.html NHS A&E charges: NHS statistiç:í.aspx DDooccttoorrss nnooww uussee ssmmaarrttpphhoonneess aatt wwoorrkk:: 65 facts about the NHS: iOS statistiç: apple Android statistiç: visit us online at: