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Voting for ARABIC UNION CATALOG WSIS 2020 Prizes

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Voting for
WSIS 2020 Prizes

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Voting for ARABIC UNION CATALOG WSIS 2020 Prizes

  1. 1. Voting for ARABIC UNION CATALOG WSIS 2020 Prizes Please note that voting ends on 24 Jan. 2020 To start your voting process, please complete the following required registration steps: 1- Open the following link: 2- Add your Email Address and select a suitable Password, then click on Register as new user
  2. 2. 3- Then, complete the following registration form with all required data, then click on Register
  3. 3. 4- You shall receive an email into your Email Inbox (the one you have just used for registration), please open the email and click on Confirm Registration 5- Then, the “Sign In” page will appear (same which in step 2), then enter your Email Address and Password, then click on Log In
  4. 4. 6- Then, the main Voting Page will appear as following: 7- Then, click on the “drop down menu” as per the below shape
  5. 5. 8- The menu will listed as per below, Select the last category, which AI. CII. International and regional cooperation
  6. 6. 9- Then a new page with multiple project will appear, which “Arabic Union Catalog” once of it. To vote, please click on “Vote For This Project” which is next to “Arabic Union Catalog”. Please note that you cannot vote more than one time. By now, you have successfully completed the voting process, many than for your continuing support. With Best Regards, Member’s Services Department Arabic Union Catalog