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Keynote on The Era of Empathic Devices

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Argus Labs' technology renders mobile devices into sensing, intelligent and feeling devices. Learn how this revolution has started and what the near future holds. Already today...

Keynote on The Era of Empathic Devices

  1. The age of empathic devices @arguslabs Vincent Spruyt Head of Deep Learning, Argus Labs
  2. Let’s look at the world in 2014
  3. A perfect storm is coming @arguslabs IOT AI Mobile Sensors User acceptance
  4. The Mobile & Internet of Things Everything storm Wearable 35B by 2020 Smart Appliances US$ 280B by 2020 Apps EXPLODED Cars DISRUPTED @arguslabs The coming era of smart-phone intelligence will allows any human to interact with the physical world in completely new ways
  5. The sensor storm: sensors are everywhere Sensors are a device’s equivalent to possessing human-like sensing capabilities and allow to sense and understand contextual cues. Automatic gender detection, through walking patterns Mood detection, through mobile handling Activity detection (walking, running, sitting, …) … Automatic in- versus outdoor detection Mood detection, through heart rate and oxygen level detection … @arguslabs
  6. The data and AI storm Activity of spiny stellate neuron part of primary visual cortex, with developed horizontally-oriented receptive field Recent Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs are based on computational models of the human brain. With the worldwide adoption of smart-phones, data generation has exploded while processing capabilities have never been as powerful as today. 500+ TB 200+ TB 700+ TB @arguslabs
  7. Let’s evaluate how we work with smart-phones
  8. A phone or interconnected sensory device ? 2000 Verbal 2014 Non verbal
  9. User experiences are changing Intelligent capabilities need to be interfacing with the end user, as an overall service layer. Good privacy controls are required, but most importantly added value must be shown through the use of intelligent and sensing apps. This might feel strange today, but remember the last time you didn’t allow this?
  10. Apps are changing Service layers are emerging as background apps that only interface with a mobile users when it’s really relevant.
  11. How will we deal with mobile by 2020 ?
  12. A phone is only a form factor The functionality of a smart-phone will come in many shapes and functionalities. Already a first generation of smart wearable devices illustrate how this might go.
  13. Your smart-phone is a docking station Due to increasing processing and connectivity capabilities, your smart-phone will be a hub and controller that will be used to gather and control data from other connected devices, implants, or wearable devices. Emerging fog computing architectures are only a prelude. Important channel for handling, analyzing and processing data. Controls the user experience.
  14. Your smart-phone controls your vitals
  15. Your smart-phone is a smart agent Capable of interpreting the context of a mobile user a smart-phone is capable of responding to the needs of said user in a proactive manner.
  16. Bringing 2020 in the present
  17. What if we told you, your phone could already be empathic ?
  18. Turning smart-phones into sentient, cognitive and empathic devices. Make a better future by augmenting the cognitive capacities of humans by means of an exocortex. If we want machines to start working for us, they need to understand us, in order to become truly engaging.
  19. We did it ! The first time ever people can start making machines and software cognitive and emotionally aware of their human users
  20. It’s a service layer Cognitive platform through SDK and API Handling > 1 million requests per second Ambient sensing technology (no input needed) Android, IOS*, Microsoft Mobile** & Tizen** Built for mobile and embedded devices Proprietary IP and patented Now, anyone can use the human channel *  Being  ported/tested  **  Por0ng  started  
  21. Self-learning biking – running – depression – stress – happy – excited – petrol head – soccer mom – car – party – music – meeting room – busy day – and much, much more
  22. Not only smart-phones can be sentient !
  23. The future of mobile Is fueled by artificial intelligence and empathic algorithms and will transform your future as if you could never have imagined !
  24. Argus Labs – ASK FOR A DEMO w @arguslabs