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Moving Up The Invoice Maturity Curve

How can you automate the processing of all your invoices from all suppliers with zero touch? Attend this session and learn strategies for advancing along the invoice maturity curve to effectively automate 100% of your invoices.

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Moving Up The Invoice Maturity Curve

  1. 1. Moving Up the Invoice Maturity Curve:Laying the Foundation for Total InvoiceManagementChris Rauen, Solutions Marketing Manager, AribaVicky Pafk, Senior Director of Shared Services, Waste ManagementUlrik Philipson, Vice President , Global Supply Management, American Express© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. #AribaLIVEA-HA* Moment© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.The invoice is here.No requester. When to pay?Wait for the phone call.* Haiku Automation
  3. 3. #AribaLIVEThe Path to Touchless
  4. 4. #AribaLIVEThe Business Case for SuccessIt’s as easy as 1+2+3+4 = $10M /$1B in Spend© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.CHALLENGE OPPORTUNITY1. Process 60-80% cost take out – or about $1M per $1B in spend for average to largePayables and Procurement organizations - Billentis2. Discount $2M+ in discount savings forevery $1B in discountable spend – Aberdeen,Ariba3. WorkingCapital $2.7 million in working capital impact for every $1 billion per day of improvement ofDPO, DSO, DIO4. Compliance $4.6M in contract leakage savings forevery $1B in spend under contract – Hackett“4-for-1”“1-for-1”“2-for-1”“3-for-1”
  5. 5. #AribaLIVEWaste Management• Revenues - $13.65B• 44,000 Employees (North America)• Decentralized – 1,250 operating locations• Vendor Master – 105k Active Vendors in 2012• Shared Services Center – Houston, TX© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.North Americas leading provider ofintegrated environmental solutionsAccounts PayableCard ServicesCash ApplicationsFixed AssetsHR/Payroll ProcessingTechnology
  6. 6. #AribaLIVEBusiness Challenges• Paper-intensive invoice processAP – 60k paper invoices per monthPCard – 100k pcard invoices/receipts per month• Vendor additions – not controlled by Procurement• No visibility into contract vs. invoiced pricing• Stand-alone PO system at Areas, not integrated withfinancials• 197 AP personnel across company© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. #AribaLIVEProcure-to-Pay (P2P) Project© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.Upstream Technology Downstream TechnologySource Procure Payment and SettleSource, Contract &ManageProcure Pay and SettlementProcure-to-PaySpendAnalysisContract &SupplierMgmtSupplierBidding &SelectionCatalogsandRequisitionReceiveGood andServiceSupplierSelection &PurchaseInvoiceReceiptSettlementInvoiceReconcile• Conduct Spend Analysis• Understand Demand• Assess the Market• Develop Strategy• Negotiate and execute agreements• Develop implementation plan• Deploy strategic sourcing and Suppliercontract management software• United Nations Standard Products andServices Code (UNSPSC) categories• Internal and external catalogs• HR hierarchy based approvals• Hands free purchase order processingfor pre-sourced items• Change order control and tracking• Automated interfaces to maintenancesystems (parts matching)• Receiving of goods and services• Third party EIPP vendor for invoicehandling• Three way matching for invoiceapproval• Standard payment method for eachsupplier• Improved cash forecastingIn scope for Procure-to-Pay projectThis project adds the “Procure” portion of the “Downstream Technology” process via PS e-Procurement, and alsoenhances the “Pay and Settlement” portion of the process.7
  8. 8. #AribaLIVEAriba/Procure to Pay Implementation• AribaProcurement ContentAriba Network MembershipInvoice/PO Automation© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.Invoice ProfessionalInvoice ConversionServices (ICS)• RolloutTotal of 17 Market Areas (US/Canada) + CorporateMay 2012 – Pilot in Pacific NW/BC AreaFebruary 2013 – 4 Areas ‘live’250 Suppliers Enabled (29 Catalogs) to date
  9. 9. #AribaLIVEP2P PO Invoice Process© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. #AribaLIVEThe Path to Touchless© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.WM - 2014WM - 201270%5% 10%25% 5%35% 50%
  11. 11. #AribaLIVEProject Benefits• Reduced procurement leakage• Strategic sourcing / managed vendor master• Productivity savings• Spend analytics, supplier leverage• Enhanced SOX controls© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.$20M-30M Annual Savings
  12. 12. #AribaLIVELessons Learned• Vendor Master clean-up!• Document end-to-end process for Supplier Enablement– AP and Procurement• Supplier training / messagingConsequences for non-compliance?• Requestor training / messaging• Consequences for non-compliance?• Know your user demographics© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. #AribaLIVEAmerican ExpressOverview• Founded over 160 years ago in 1850• Considered one of the world’s best knownand valuable brands• No. 95 on the Fortune 500 list• Revenue of $32 bill.; 63,500 employees• Headquartered in New York; main SharedServices center in Gurgaon, India© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.Ulrik Philipson• Joined American Express in 2010• Responsible for the global deployment ofProcure-to-Pay platform• Based in New York office with teams inPhoenix, Arizona, and Gurgaon, India• Prior experience as management consultantin procurement space
  14. 14. Questions?© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.