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Turning Lead Into Multi-Million Dollar New Business in Only 30 Days: David's Cookies Case Study

David’s Cookies was able to leverage Ariba Discovery to get their foot in the door with large-name buyers; something they were struggling to do before. They were able to quickly turn a lead into millions in sales.

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Turning Lead Into Multi-Million Dollar New Business in Only 30 Days: David's Cookies Case Study

  1. 1. • Receivedover a dozen qualified leads in just the first few months of using Ariba Discovery • Within30 days of bidding on a n RFP, closed a multi-million dollar deal witha major casino and entertainment company for 40 different lineitems • Gained instantvisibilityand credibilityduring the bidding process by being a selleron the Ariba® Network • Able to compete on an equal playingfield with larger competitorswhile saving on travelcost • Leveraged guidance from Ariba support team during first auction Company David’sCookies Profile A leading producer of high -quality desserts using the finest ingredients and innovative flavor profiles Ariba Solutions  Ariba Discovery  Ariba Network Challenges Solutions Results • Struggled to get foot in the door withmajor restaurant chains, hotels,and other large- scale buyers of baked goods • Leveraged a mix of traditional lead generation tools and socialmedia, such as Twitter, LinkedIn,and Facebook, but couldn’t achievesufficient market penetration • Used directoryof chain restaurants to researchkey accountsand prospects,but process was very tedious and time-intensive • Found that large, national accountsweren’t willingto talk to an unfamiliarsmall business or communicate via time-consumingemail chains • Used the Ariba Discovery™ serviceto simplify the process of discovering qualified leads and maximize exposure to large buying organizations • Set up a company profile page on Ariba, allowing global buyers to learn about the company’s capabilities, certifications,references, and green initiativesas well as existing business relationshipsall in one place • Found Ariba Discovery intuitiveand easy to use • Able to conductbusiness electronicallywithlarge companies using proven, automated processes Turning Lead Into Multi-Million Dollar New Business in Only 30 Days “Ariba Discovery gives you a competitive edge – you get access to clients that your competitors don’t have access to.” Brent Maloy, Vice President National Accounts, David’s Cookies Corporation “Ariba Discovery is the future of business. It provides me with leads and helps me respond to RFPs. You can set yourself apart and be rest assured that you’re working on something that’s sharp, viable, and a great lead.” BrentMaloy, Vice PresidentNational Accounts, David’s CookiesCorporation © 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.1