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Google's Search Index of the Real World - SMX Munich - Arjan ter Huurne - Abovo Maxlead - external.pptx

  1. Fueling Growth for your Local Online Business and your Physical Stores Google’s Search Index of the Real World Arjan ter Huurne Abovo-Maxlead, media & marketing agency
  2. 2 Maxlead Arjan ter Huurne (43) 1998 : 2006 - International Business, Marketing Master 2006 : 2011 - Relationship Manager Benelux agencies (Dublin) 2011 : 2019 - Director Business Development & Innovation 2019 : ... - Chief Growth Officer International agency networks - Digital Leadership
  3. 3 Maxlead Omnichannel thought-leader Abovo-Maxlead Omnichannel Manager & Max Locations
  4. 4 Maxlead Today, I’m gonna talk a lot about…
  5. Companies with a physical ánd digital client strategy OMNICHANNEL MARKETING
  6. 6 Maxlead A tough year for Ecommerce
  7. 3 trillion lost market cap
  8. 8 Maxlead Rennaissance of physical stores?
  9. 9 Maxlead No wonder Google emphasises its strength in ‘the real world’
  10. 10 Maxlead Organizing the world’s [local businesses] information and make it universally accessible and useful
  11. 11 Maxlead A gigantic database of Local Information
  12. 12 Maxlead Search with Live View & Immersive View Local business listings powering Augmented Reality
  13. 13 Maxlead Google My Business drives billions of monthly connections
  14. 14 Maxlead *Brandify Local Search Consumer Survey, 2019 What types of businesses have you looked up online in the last 30 days? Local listings - across many verticals / use-cases Which tools do you use to find information about business near you?
  15. 15 Maxlead Review site % of reviews Vertical Google 73% General Yelp 6% Restaurants, Dentists, Bars, Beauty Salons, Doctors Facebook 3% General Tripadvisor 3% Travel, Restaurants Trustpilot 3% Ecommerce / business OpenTable 2% Restaurants Booking 1% Travel BBB (Better Business Bureau) 1% Business *2021 Reviewtrackers research ‘Top Business Directory Sites’ Google is dominating the local review space in sheer volume of reviews
  16. 16 Maxlead 46% of new Google reviews do not have text - just star ratings Very low barrier to enter a review => low added value to each review
  17. 17 Maxlead Polar opposite? TikTok reviews Immersive & inspiring content “In our studies, something like almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or Search. They go to TikTok or Instagram.”* *Senior VP Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s Knowledge & Information organization
  18. 18 Maxlead Who feeds the data into Google Business Profiles? Back to Google Directories, scrapers, street-scanners? UGC incl. >150 million Local Guides Business owners & SMX Visitors
  19. 19 Maxlead Business owners should care about GBP *Google says Complete, frequently updated Business Profiles Get 5X more views Considered 3X more reputable Customers 70% more likely to visit Customers 50% more likely to purchase
  20. 20 Maxlead GMB -> GBP GBP multi-location dashboard -> NMX Google is taking away control for power users
  21. 21 Maxlead Who is responsible for Online location management? Ambiguity leads to corrupt data & mistakes Manual data processing is problematic/impossible Head office? Regional managers? Store Managers? OPEN LONG RATINGS REVIEW CLOSE ADDRESS PHOTO VIDEO URL URL VIDEO CLOSED OPEN LONG RATINGS REVIEW NAME ADDRESS PHOTO Local Business Information - by Business Owners
  22. 22 Maxlead Multi-location businesses can’t go without a location-management tool
  23. 23 Maxlead Local search term data - brand new Download and analyse the search terms triggering Local impressions via the API Upload content / create posts Keep local listings data fresh
  24. 24 Maxlead Easy A/B Testing for multi location marketeers Speed up decision making & prove impact of optimisations See how changes impact the relative share of impressions in test vs control groups
  25. 25 Maxlead Maximise your 1st party data Your stores = your 1st party data goldmine Your 1P Offline inventory feed Your 1P Store information. Your 1P Store sales feed. Better customer experience Local search traffic Local campaigns, dynamic at scale Insights in ROPO effect
  26. 26 Maxlead Over to… Organic Search
  27. 27 Maxlead Local Organic Search
  28. 28 Maxlead More and more local SERP features Additional vertical sources (pos. 1) Google local box (pos. 2) first 2 text results (pos. 5 and 6) Google People also ask (pos. 7) 3rd text result (pos. 8)
  29. 29 Maxlead Local Ranking Factors - MOZ *Moz State of Local SEO industry report 2020
  30. 30 Maxlead Multisearch - visual search Snap a picture and find the product near me GBP Product Editor + Popular Dishes (for SMB) Local Inventory Ads / Local Product Inventory feed in Google Merchant Centre
  31. 31 Maxlead Let’s talk Ads
  32. 32 Maxlead Two core strategies to connect consumers with businesses nearby Grow traffic to stores and sales (offline only) Grow total sales (online + offline) to meet customers where they feel comfortable shopping as online and offline conversions fluctuate Omnichannel approach to provide customers with the information that they need to help them decide when and how to visit the stores Store-centric approach Grow offline sales with key Google solutions
  33. 33 Maxlead 2 key campaign formats Two core strategies to connect consumers with businesses nearby Grow traffic to stores and sales (offline only) Grow total sales (online + offline) Online-conversion Local Ads (OLA) PMax with Store & Online Goals Omnichannel approach Performance Max for Store Goals Local Inventory Ads Store-centric approach Grow offline sales with key Google solutions
  34. 34 Maxlead Store visits measurement - common knowledge? Visits store Signed-in and opted into location history Interacts with a Google ad Your Store Store visits extrapolated to the population, aggregated and anonymized Store Visits Mapping Technology Deep Learning Survey Verification Location History Opt-ins
  35. 35 Maxlead Optimize towards the full value of online and offline sales Online Sales Digital Budget Online Conv. Value Online ROI Omnichannel ROAS Store Visits Store Sales Offline ROI Ad Omnichannel Strategy
  36. 36 Maxlead Right person + time + message + platform Automatic optimisation towards bringing incremental Store Visits Performance Max for store goals objectives
  37. 37 Maxlead Ad Creative Placements (Location Assets) Performance Max for Store Goals Ad · Phil’s Furniture In-store shopping・ Curbside pickup Search Ad creative labels Headline Description Gmail Shop the big summer sale in-store and get your dream furniture. Get 25% Off Call to action URL Brand logo Image Video Maps Business Profile Ad · Phil’s Furniture - Get 25% Off Ad · Phil’s Furniture - Get 25% Off
  38. 38 Maxlead Ad Creative Placements (Location Assets) Performance Max for Store Goals Youtube YT Home Feed Display Phil’s Furniture | Order Online Today & Pick up Curbside At Local Store Phil’s Furniture Phil’s Furniture - 2 stores near Mountain View VISIT STORE Phil’s Furniture Get 25% Off Shop the big summer sale in-storeand get your dream furniture Phil’s Furniture OPEN 11AM-9PM Ad creative labels Headline Description Call to action URL Brand logo Image Video
  39. 39 Maxlead New to PMax: Audience Signals A new innovative and more efficient way to reach your most valuable audiences Audience Signals is built to help advertisers speed up the campaign learning period while also steering automation with the best of Google's automated targeting technology. The power of Google automated targeting Your own Audience Signals* As advertisers build Performance Max campaigns, Audience Signals allow them to influence automation by directly indicating the audiences that are most relevant to their business and that have the highest likelihood of conversion. *Google might expand beyond audiences that are selected if we predict that will help you reach your campaign's marketing objectives
  40. 40 Maxlead Smart Bidding offers unparalleled auction-time optimization Google says… Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Ad click Online order Store visit or Store sale Optimizes for the unique value of each opportunity Incorporates both online and offline conversions Predicting probability % Predicting probability % A Nexus tablet, at 4:36pm in Wrigleyville, using Firefox, misspelling a word in the query A desktop at 7pm in Phoenix Lower Higher BID Even better, build your own predictive model for Offline Conversions in Google Cloud!
  41. 41 Maxlead Online-conversion Local Ads (OLA) Most exciting local campaign tactic! Build ads relevant to thousands of locations with customized creatives at scale using feeds (i.e. Business Data) Why not target all of your competitors? Just gotta scrape their GBP names…
  42. 42 Maxlead Wrapping up… make sure to put your listing optimisation front & centre
  43. Abovo-Maxlead - SMX Munchen Wrapping up - Q&A Arjan ter Huurne Chief Growth Officer Reach out for a chat anytime!

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  2. 31% of users leaving reviews are Local Guides 60-70% of reviews come from Local Guides Google prioritizes their reviews Local Guides added 8m places in a year + updated business attributes on 17m