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State of the Modern Meeting

Some facts about the way we manage our meetings today may surprise you…

Did you know they last thirty six minutes on average and change in frequency with the seasons, rising in popularity during the winter months? Even weekend meetings are becoming more popular!

With the number of meetings on the rise, it’s a wonder busy executives are finding the time to travel to so many of them. The answer lies in video meetings.

25% of meetings feature at least one mobile video participant and 35% of meeting rooms feature a video conferencing system. In 2015 alone, video meetings enabled us to avoid 7.5 billion travel miles (the equivalent of 53 trips to Mars!), 1.25 million tonnes of CO2 emissions (equal to planting 322,644 trees) and a staggering £2.2 billion in travel costs. That’s not even counting the time saved by busy executives.

There is no doubt that the modern meeting has become more efficient - both more time and cost-effective than its predecessors from yesteryear - but read the following infographic to delve deeper and discover even more fascinating facts:

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State of the Modern Meeting

  1. 1. MODERN MEETING People are meeting more frequently but moving towards the 30-minute sweet spot length. Annual report shows modern meetings are more frequent, change with the seasons & weekend meetings are on the rise STATE OF THE THE MEETING SWEET SPOT MEETING M.O. MEETING CAPITALS OF THE WORLD 25%of meetings have at least one mobile video participant on the call. 35% of meetings include at least one conference room-system. Average meeting = 36 MINUTES with 3 - 4 ENDPOINTS NEW YORK TO LA corridor is the most traveled business route both physically and virtually. In 2015… Methodology: The Blue Jeans State of the Modern Meeting report is based on analysis of more than 5 million Blue Jeans video meetings from 177 countries across all seven continents. Silicon Valley, leads the way followed by New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and London. 01 04 03 02 WEEKEND WARRIORS For better or for worse, weekend meetings are on the rise. Twice as many weekend meetings are taking place over year prior. Meeting activity doubles in winter compared to the rest of the year. Spring sees the fewest meetings. IT’S PRIME MEETING SEASON TIME In the USA, meeting activity INCREASED BY 35% during the epic 2015 Boston blizzard… and UP TO 26% in Texas during the May flooding. FACE-TO-FACE MAKES THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE August 2015 When people are in the same location, they prefer to get a room… 25% 7.5 BILLION travel miles avoided = 53 trips to Mars £2.2 BILLION in travel costs saved 1.25 MILLION TONNES of CO2 reduced = planting 322,644 trees 35%