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Arkhênum company presentation



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In a few slides, you will get the in and outs of Arkhênum and understand its services portfolio :
- Digitizing
- Enrichment
- Sharing

For more information and demo, please contact:
Emmanuel Fremau
+ 33 (0)6 27 16 08 73

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Arkhênum company presentation

  1. 1. Company Presentation
  2. 2. Arkhênum in a few words • Established in 1999: 15 years of existence in 2014! • 7 millions views digitized in 2013 (+10% increase vs last year) • 2 production sites in France + numerous in situ workshop • 48 employees specialized in cultural collection and digital conversion • Activities: counseling, digitizing, data enrichment and digital libraries • 500 clients have put their trust in us: Archives, Public libraries, museums (…) but also private entities (banks, luxury sector…)
  3. 3. A well established presence France, USA, Guadeloupe, Guyana (Caribbean seas), Switzerland, Belgium, Cameroun or Mali…
  4. 4. A highly skilled company Our team will accompany you throughout the various steps of your project: • 5 sales peoples who will analyze your collections and counsel you • 4 project managers who will follow your project and keep you informed • 24 scanner operators specialized in the digitizing of cultural collection • 4 quality managers who will validate the delivered images and production reports • 3 engineers to ensure an optimized service delivery from digitizing to securing the images processed for your project
  5. 5. A comprehensive expertise We can offer our clients a global or specific service: Digitizing services - Study of their collections - Counseling and training - Document preparation - Digitizing of all size of documents Data enrichment - Data enrichment: OCR, XML METS, Dublin Core - Indexing and segmentation Share data collections - Digital libraries - Interactive and tactile media supports - 3D books
  6. 6. Your project roadmap Digitizing Control and backup Batch_001 File 2 File 3 File 1 Delivery of the batch for client validation Control by client Batch validated Quality not appropriate Arkhênum back up Final delivery of the images to the client Project report
  7. 7. Digitizing in a 120° mode Preparation of your project: - Analysis of your collection - Recommendation regarding the preparation - Defining the names of your files, images - File formats defined (TIFF, PNG, JPEG) - Resolution, compression level - Black and white or RVB digitizing - Necessary software - Data bases - HTML links, XML, etc… Follow up of the project: - Production control - Integration into existing databases - Online, off-line access, digital libraries - Saving on appropriate medias Study of your documents Digitizing in a 90° mode Digitizing in a 180° mode
  8. 8. Each document will be manipulated accordingly
  9. 9. Your collections will define the scanners chosen And not the other way around… Hasselblad camera: • Postcards • Seals • … Scanners A4  A00 • Maps • Manuscripts • Registers • Old newspapers • … We have more than 30 scanners available
  10. 10. Various format available TIFF, JPEG, PDF Preservation of invaluable documents High resolution CD Burning Portable supports Share collections on Internet… Once digitized, use the images the way you want Share collections in your offices
  11. 11. It’s the most advanced solution for sharing of all data: - Standard paper documents (manuscripts, engraving, books, old newspapers…) - Big size formats (maps, posters, building frameworks, …) - Iconography (pictures, postcards, objects pictures, …) - Industrial collections (patents, designs, …) - But also videos, audios files - Or even 3D object representations… Our YooLib digital library
  12. 12. Words will be searched as well in the text of the images Highlight of the word in the bibliographical details Possibilities offered: a highly efficient search tool
  13. 13. Detailled biographical notes (Dublin core) Image Wall in 3D Categorization of your digital documents List of biographical notes with picture preview An intuitive and exciting tool
  14. 14. An immersion into the highest details of your collections
  15. 15. Leaf the documents as if you had them in hand
  16. 16. Thank you for your time! I remain at your disposal: Emmanuel Fremau + 33(0)6 27 16 08 73