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  1. Embrace Abundance Enterprise Make your money grow for you CEO: Arlette Alexis Financial Advisor: Jana Woodhouse Smart Pitch Challenge 2015 Education Track
  2. EXECUTIVE TEAM Embrace Abundance Enterprise is a Personal Money Management Company that is centered around minority College or University students becoming financially literate. Our team: CEO and Founder Ms. Arlette Alexis who is passionate about helping her fellow students along with herself. Financial Advisor Ms. Jana Woodhouse who holds a CPA and has 36 years of financial experience. Financial Experts JD Capital Partners Inc. who will match students with investment advisors.
  4. TARGET MARKET Embrace Abundance Enterprise is focusing its efforts on helping the 31% of minorities in College/ University students to achieve financial literacy.
  5. Subscription includes: • Financial Literacy Services and Information • Provide Information and Assistance in acquiring Government Grants and Scholarships • Debt Consolidation, Financial Planning, Budgeting, and Net Worth Building • Weekly Investment Strategies, Trade Alerts • Apprenticeship where students can shadow Investment Advisors • Provide information and assistance on creating alternative financial vehicles including solo 401k's, living trust MARKETING PLAN
  6. Embrace Abundance Enterprise  Embrace Abundance Enterprise will be utilizing third party softwares and using them as tools for our business  Teach students how to create additional streams of income to supplement debt reduction  Promote good money values like saving for retirement, obtaining life insurance, establishing an emergency fund  One on one counseling when needed  Personal seminar with expert advisor  Support groups and activities  Local Events IMPLEMENTATION
  7. FINANCIAL STRUCTURE START UP COSTS $700 $200 For A LLC State Filing $250 One Time Registration Fee to access third party software $250 Trading Account OVERHEAD MONTHLY EXPENSES -$980 $750 Marketing and SEO Suite $130 Monthly Subscription $100 Expense Account
  8. $650 – 5 Subscribers x $130 in Monthly Subscription Fees $250 – 10 Hours x $25 an hour for Counseling $250 – 10 Participants x $25 in Monthly Workshops $1,000 - $50/ Day Capital Gains Monthly Gross: $2,150.00 Monthly Net: $1,170.00 Quarterly Compound Growth at +11.12%: 130.10 COMPANY FUTURE GROWTH