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Arrow ECS Social Media for Business Partners

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Talk to Arrow ECS to find out how we can help our business partners manage their social media.

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Arrow ECS Social Media for Business Partners

  1. 1. Arrow ECS Social media campaign framework for Business Partners Initial stages Following this briefing session, Delineo will produce the following documents within five working days: • Initial strategy document for the social media campaign, including Key Performance Indicators • Document outlining the framework of the social media account, including roles and responsibilities • First-month content plan • An agreement regarding sign-off processes for content Initial stages The Business Partner agrees in principal to a three/six-month social media campaign with a representative from Arrow. Following this agreement, there will be an introduction conference call with a representative from the Business Partner, Arrow and Delineo. Delineo will outline the structure of the social media campaign and the next steps. Delineo will be introduced to a primary point of contact at Arrow for the Business Partner. Briefing process The Business Partner will then host an informal induction session for Delineo. Delineo will use this as an opportunity to discover more about the business in order to construct a social media strategy. During the session, the Business Partner will offer an insight into the business, including the following topics: Discussion of key industry topics and areas of focus Discussion of potential content topics for month 1 of the campaign Introduction to the business and its services/products Introduction to current social media and general marketing activity Introduction to the business and marketing objectives Introduction to the customer profile As part of its social media services, Delineo will offer the Business Partner the following, in addition to its social media campaign activity: Ongoing-campaign activity • A monthly conference call to discuss proposed content ideas for the forthcoming month • A fortnightly call to review upcoming social media activity • A monthly report detailing campaign progress • A quarterly report detailing campaign progress How do I engage? For further details on Arrow ECS Social-as-a-Service please email: Tom Mason, Head of Social Media, Delineo