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Peppermint (Mentha pipertia)


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Peppermint (Mentha pipertia)

  1. 1. Mentha pipertia
  2. 2.  Family: Labiatae  Botanical origin: Mentha pipertia L  English Name: Peppermint  Urdu Name: Podina  Parts used: Leaves & Whole Plant
  3. 3. Chemical constituents  Volatile oil  Menthol  Menthone  Methyl acetate  Cineole  limonene  Flavonoids  Tannins  Resins  Azulene  limonene
  4. 4. Mechanism of action  Menthol act as calcium channel blocker.  It affect the smooth muscles of vessels GIT or neuron cells and heart.  It blocks the calcium channels and prevent the influx of calcium channel and leads to the relaxation of smooth muscles.
  5. 5. Uses  Reduces spasm and pain caused by endoscopy.  In migraine headache.  To treat nausea.  To treat bad breath and reduce dental plaque.  Azulene reduce inflammation and help to heal ulcer.  It relaxes muscles of GIT and relieve colon spasm.  Menthol kill bacteria and parasites.
  6. 6. Side effects  Heart burn.  Increase uterine contraction and causes abortion.  Allergic reaction including mouth sores.  Gastritis.  Nervousness.
  7. 7. Contraindications  It is not used during pregnancy and lactation.  Contraindicated in people with digestive ulcer.  Not used during intestinal diseases.  Not recommended in Parkinson’s diseases.  Not recommended for children as menthol cause choking sensation.
  8. 8. Drug interaction  Peppermint delayed the absorption of caffeine.  It may influence metabolism of certain drugs such as felodipine and simvastatin.  When taken with antacids such as omeprazole, they dissolve too quickly and causes heart burn and nausea.
  9. 9. Dosage  As infusion: Take 3 to 6 gram of peppermint leaves in hot water and covered for ten minutes. Use trice a day  Capsules: take 0.6 ml of peppermint oil spit it into three doses of 0.2 ml per day.  In headache: 10% peppermint oil in ethanol solution is applied across forehead repeated after 15 to 30 minutes.
  10. 10. References       Monographs of unani medicine vol-1