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Spot and Projection Welding

Artech Welders Private Limited took roots in 1994 with the dream of manufacturing Capacitor Discharge (CD) projection welding machines. Powered by a vision to blend power saving with aesthetics, Artech has today germinated into a force to reckon with in the field of resistance welding. A wide range of end users embrace the quality welding that Artech offers. They include manufacturers of automobile sheet metal components, stainless steel impellers, sheet metal products, diamond tools like cup wheels and core drills, hollow metal doors, auto electricals, control panels, stainless steel cookware and kitchenware to name a few.

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Spot and Projection Welding

  2. 2. Types of WeldingWeldingProcessArc Resistance GasSpot Seam Projection Flash
  3. 3. Spot Welding
  4. 4. Spot Welding...In Spot Welding the pieces to be joined areclamped between two electrodes under force,and an electrical current is sent through them.Force is applied before, during, and afterthe application of current to prevent arcing atthe work piece.In spot welding fusion of faying surfaces ofa lap joint is achieved at one location byopposing electrodes
  5. 5. Spot Welding Machines
  6. 6. Advantages of Spot Welding Spot welding is quick and easy No need to use any fluxes or filler metal Multiple sheets joined together at the same time. No dangerous open flame Saves production costs.
  7. 7. Applications of Spot WeldingNuts & Bolts Join two Metal SheetsAutomobile Industry To make Batteries
  8. 8. Projection Welding
  9. 9. Projection WeldingIn Projection welding size and shape of individualwelds are determined by the presence of projections,embossments or intersections on the metals to bejoined. Metals are heated and coalescence is achieved notthrough the use of an arc, but through the metals’resistance to electrical currents passing through themas they are held together with pressure by electrodes.In projection welding the pieces to be joined areclamped between two electrodes under force, ananelectrical current is sent through them.
  10. 10. Projection Welding MachinesCapacitor Discharge Projection Welding Machines
  11. 11. Advantages of Projection Welding Simultaneously we can makeany number of welds in heaviermaterials easily. Welding can be made in metalsthat are too thick to be joined byspot welding. Lower Electrode Maintenance. Lower amount of current andpressure needs to joint metals. Faster and Quicker and used inmass production
  12. 12. Application of Projection WeldingDiamond Segment WeldingAutomobile IndustrySemiconductorsFan CoversCompressor PartsHollow Metal DoorsAuto Electricals
  13. 13. THANK YOUArtech Welders Pvt Ltd.No. A- 16, H- Block, MIDC, PimpriPune, Maharashtra - 411018, IndiaPhone : +(91)-(20)-27476160/27462772Mobile : +(91)-9822438782/9822069212E-mail