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Estimation improvement in SCRUM

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Research presentation on the topic "How we can improve quality of our Agile estimation"

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Estimation improvement in SCRUM

  2. 2. ROOTS - WIDEBAND DELPHI METHOD Experts are getting specifications Discussion happens Every expert fills the form anonymously Discussion happens about why estimations vary Every expert fills the form anonymously repeat
  3. 3. PLANNING POKER Discuss the task Pick a card with a number Give min and max proposals a soapbox time Pick a card again Repeat until a consensus is reached Record a number
  4. 4. ATTRIBUTES OF A PLANNING POKER Biased opinions Dunning-Kruger effect All are the experts in their field of knowledge Relative estimations or real units estimation (days vs story points or t-shirt sizes) Repeat until a consensus is reached Share knowledge and cover dark corners is the goal, not number itself numbers can help to make forecasts
  6. 6. That's normal! We work as a Team because only together we know everything Cross experts communication is key. e.g. PO -> DevTeam, UI/UX -> PO lack of expertise does not make your opinion less valuable place to talk about the scope to align everyone Chinese whispers effect minimized
  7. 7. DUNNING-KRUGER EFFECT "If you're incompetent, you can’t know you’re incompetent. The skills you need to produce a right answer are exactly the skills you need to recognize what a right answer is."
  8. 8. ALL ARE THE EXPERTS IN THEIR FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE You know something I don't You share your knowlege. Now everyone knows it ... Profit!
  9. 9. RELATIVE OR REAL UNITS ESTIMATION Hours Days Ideal Days/Hours Story Points T-Shirt sizes Parrots, carrots, bottle of beers, anything goes
  10. 10. A WORD ON UNITS Beginners tend to use t-shirts, ideal days and such Mature teams can easily juggle with story points Story point is super relative, ideal day is very natural
  11. 11. Yes, it is tough! REACHING CONSENSUS but "Discussio mater veritas est." some Latin dude said that Repeat conversation until full consensus Keep up to 3 rounds On 3rd - pick one biggest or On 3rd - take number by majority
  12. 12. HOW DO WE ESTIMATE AND WHAT IS A BEST PRACTICE? Best Practice We As a customer, I want see my orders so that I can figure out what I bought. ... has provided an endpoint which allows for enabling/disabling support to users by providing a list of Subscription assignid's, as opposed to the current endpoint which only accepts one assignid.
  13. 13. Best Practice We estimate effort not time estimate effort not time minimal implementation sometimes we try to get bigger, better, more complex one whole thing - full nine yard 5 cards = 1x Mockups, 2x Investigation, 2x Implementation
  14. 14. Best Practice We severely limit implementation talks we tend to talk about implementation a lot
  15. 15. IDEAS Reject card with no acceptance criteria! Start writing user stories! (bugs can skip that) Define personas, grow attached to them Discuss user story instead of lifeless card at grooming Keep implementation in planning Estimate minimum implementation. Enough is enough On 3rd round pick a maximum instead of majority Do not estimate task items. Only story itself Use coffee break card if you want! Follow the roadmap. That is our short-term goal definition. Is that card is about our current priorities?
  16. 16. Dra agenda: CUSTOMER INSIGHTS WORKSHOP Prework: research on the topic to get yourself prepared Day 1: Announce topics to work on, split into groups Day 2: Work on presentations on the chosen matter Day 2: Evening: present material on chosen topics Day 3: Prepare card for grooming for the next steps