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Science and superficial discoveries

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Science and superficial discoveries

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Science and superficial discoveries

  1. 1. Science and superficial discoveries By Arti Dhar For students, to take a closer look at some of this year's big discoveries: If you are a Science Student, you may be thinking yourself genius because you are quite well able to understand all those complex formulas of physics, maths and chemistry. Ah! I forgot biology with more difficult naming of all the herbs, shrubs, plants and animals cultures. The story of human inventions and discoveries differ here because it is all about understanding nature, nature of everything and every being how they work and what their support phenomenons are. Let us take the example of aeroplane which has been invented on the pre existing invention of the flying balloon to flying bird. Finally what inventor has studied the nature of hot gas how it works and how it uplifts via its pressure. Similarly how the wings work and what’s its rule in balancing the flying bird makes the entire history of an aeroplane. We have to just observe carefully that finest point which has made iron ships floating and iron bird flying and it was the buoyant force so what we did we just balance the pressure of ship inside and outside to keep it floating and same goes with the theory of aeroplane. If this balancing act of maintain a right pressure fails everything fails. Now is the time when no one thinks how all that inventions and discoveries happen, people are just interested in journeys than how and why of a technical ship or the plane. Why there is this shift from enjoying the journey to discovering the journey. We realize with time that there is no end to higher inventions and higher level of technological inventions and everything can be made worked and automatic but then where we fail to understand that cost to those comforts have increased our earning capacities from a being human to being a machine. To enjoy those machines, we have ourselves become machines and now is the time for the journey back to nature. I know that medicinal discoveries are
  2. 2. Science and superficial discoveries By Arti Dhar For students, to take a closer look at some of this year's big discoveries: far more about comfort than saving someone’s life. We forget that we are just saving lives by these discoveries and inventions and not souls. Why it is important to save the soul, not because it is the only essence of your life but it is the one which gives you direction towards your presence and purpose in this world. When you lose your soul, you lose the ultimate purpose of your life. So what is that required to maintain the spark beauty of your soul. It is your association with right elements of nature in right ways like fire, water, earth, air and sky. So let’s start working towards these natural resources and try to establish a good relationship and association with these elements. The basics are very simple, try to touch all these elements and feel. Now you may be scared how to touch the fire and feel, you can touch water and earth, you can feel air and sky but fire?. Here the ancient science comes into picture, you can establish your relationship with fire by offering food or any good things to it. Fire the most mysterious of five basics elements but then it has its great characteristic of burning things offered to it , so what does it means it accepts a bodily behaviour whatever been offered to it. What we observe that physical body of the objects offered to the fire is still their but why the objects turned black means there are one more relative body which has been accepted. What is that relative bodies of the offered objects that been accepted by fire. This is the science and this is the real science to discover that what are the bodies when accepted by fire when the actual physical black bodies are still lying in front of you. Is there any phenomenon to return back that body to burnt up physical bodies and the those objects offered to fire will be back. Yes, for this we have to study the nature of fire and the by the layers it accepts the objects offered to it, it is the same we study the layers of earth. So there is a mental, a crust and the core and the core is where lighter bodies get merged into fire. How to reach there to get back the lighter bodies. We need a technology here to go deep within it and find how the transformation happened from one layer to another. And here is the conclusion there is an association between the physical and lighter bodies and if lighter bodies been accepted by fire than by accepting physical burnt bodies within us regained it back because relationship is till there.
  3. 3. Science and superficial discoveries By Arti Dhar For students, to take a closer look at some of this year's big discoveries: So here is the most important discovery and invention that no matter bodies dies to whatever extents the relationships always remain to gain it those bodies back.