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PHOTOGRAPHY: Artistics Art Gallery at Fotofever Paris 2018

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Artistics Art Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming Fotofever Paris 2018, from November 8 to 11 in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris. Join us on Booth #202!

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Artistics Art Gallery at Fotofever Paris 2018

  1. 1. PRESS RELEASE Paris, October 10th 2018 CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY Artistics at Fotofever Paris: between light and shade For its fourth participation in Fotofever Paris, the international art fair dedicated to contemporary photography, Artistics presents a duo show with photographers Christian Houge (1972, Norway) and Xavier Dumoulin (1974, France), engaged in a dialogue between shade and light. On the light side, Xavier Dumoulin’s series Incandescences: Xavier Dumoulin traveled from the Normandy coast to the Nice inland region during full moon nights to take high-angle shots of remote towns or villages. Transfigured by artificial lighting, the urban environments evoke molten lava flows. According to the photographer, “light which is supposed to comfort us has become an increasingly close-knit fence preventing us from seeing what is essential and maintaining us in a state of illusion”. These fascinating images explore the consequences of our desire to make day light last longer artificially: light pollution has become so ordinary that it removes from our eyes or even from our memories the sight of a starry night. Fault, by Xavier Dumoulin. Incandescences series On the shade side, Christian Houge’s series Okurimono: in this series Houge has, through five trips to Japan (Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto), explored Japans otherworldly subculture and its ritualistic perfection. In this personal art documentary he has ventured into delicate themes such as personal identity, sexuality, longing and gender dysphoria. In this particular series, he uses staging as a method to create a story within a story. The viewers associations are important in meeting this work and ambiguity plays an important role. This series, shown in France for the first time, is part of the JAPONOGRAPHIE program that Fotofever has organized to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the France Japan diplomatic relations.
  2. 2. PRESS RELEASE Paris, October 10th 2018 Tanoshimi/Idami, by Christian Houge. Okurimono series. ABOUT XAVIER DUMOULIN In his photographic work Xavier Dumoulin focuses on present environmental problems and reveals in a very poetic way the growing dichotomy between human beings and their environment. Light pollution, climate change… His photographs testify that human presence has become a burden or even a parasite for nature which has undoubtedly been transformed. Xavier Dumoulin, born in 1974, lives and works in Pau, France. His work is regularly exhibited in galleries in Paris and he was awarded several prizes: short-listed for the Bourse du Talent award in 2016 for his series “Limits”, Hillbrand Photography jury award (China) in 2013, Fubiz prize, laureate of the Photocollection exhibition (Paris) in 2012. For further information (detailed biography, video, portfolio): ABOUT CHRISTIAN HOUGE For more than 20 years, photographer and videographer Christian Houge (1972, Norway) has been exploring the relationship between nature and culture in each of his project works, more precisely the limits between the artificial order created by human beings and their metaphorical as well as physical relationships to their environment. His works are part of many public (in Norway, the United States, China) and private collections. His series Barentsburg and Shadow Within were both nominated for the Pictet prize, the first photography prize dedicated to sustainable development. In 2015, his exhibition “Paradise Lost” was shown in three Chinese cities including Beijing, in the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre. Christian Houge was born in 1972, he lives and works in Norway. For further information (detailed biography, video, portfolio): À PROPOS DE LA GALERIE EN LIGNE ARTISTICS Artistics is an online gallery of contemporary art based in Paris (France). From its very beginning in 2013, Artistics has endeavored to reduce the gap between artists and art lovers through video interviews, articles, detailed descriptions of the works. Thanks to the resulting intimacy between an artist and his/her work, everyone has the opportunity to discover their personal taste and what they are sensitive to. The objective of the online gallery is to make visitors discover the works of art they might like to live with. Indeed Artistics is meant for those who think living among works of art makes their daily life better and more valuable. We try our best to make this dream come true for all and not only for privileged specialists. The quality of the services we offer has made us reach the first place in the buying guide for art on the Internet according to the website which ranks online art selling platforms based on customers feedback. Press contact : +331 40 28 92 28 –